Oh look another blog post

Look at me, blogging again. Just more things I like and some of them rediscovered in my inventory (I’m supposed to be cleaning it). Awesome mesh jeans, an excellent texture top, all the other stuff. I find I really like to mix up mesh with texture clothes…also, I can never get an all mesh outfit to work for me! OH! I put all the pics I took on my flickr here.

Outfit Credits

fri. – Ballet.Tee (Black.Stripe)

cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal

*FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Plum Leather

/Wasabi Pills/ Brigitte Mesh Hair – Ash

::1bp:: Crop Jeans M Charcoal

Dark Mouse Sedate Me Necklace (Chest)

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Reek – Tennessee Slip Ons – Girls Red

:GP: Petal [Light] Pout-Tantrum 2

Shine Eyes Monet Pewter


tra lala lala

I had to put up a post just to replace that OTHER post and so here it is. A picture of me wearing things I like, old and new. Pose by the diabolical Gidge Uriza. Rest of the credits courtesy of that cool little function with in SL that allows you to cut and paste what you’re wearing in a notecard! If you want to see the other pics that I probably should have done better, I put them on my flicker! YAY!

Outfit Credits

mijn.t [Je m’apelle Marlene] – undershirt

HOC Industries – Flats

cheLLe – (eyeliner) French New Wave Eyeliner

/Wasabi Pills/ Ichigo Mesh Hair – Ash

Dark Mouse Roundeye – Twiggy

DM Wild Animal Earrings (Silver/Zebra)

DM Wild Animal Print Bangles (Silver/Zebra)

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Tee*fy Skater Skirt Black Dots M

Tiny Bird – Thick Lashes (nose)

:GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Jewel-Pure 2

Shine Monet Pewter Eyes

DLS Dancing Dolls Mesh Bag

Fresh Spring for Stumblebum

Hi there friends, been a while! I’ve been on sabbatical…or something. Still working out the something. I was invited to be a part of Stumblebum, a great event, I’m very honored! It runs for roughly 2 weeks and features items designed from the same palette of colors. For Dark Mouse, I designed a necklace I call Fresh Spring, just fun wooden beads and flowers on a cord. I hope you like. It will be out from April 15 to the 3oth. The necklace and earrings are available for $149L. I also dressed up and took pretty pictures. Credits at the bottom. Use this link to teleport to the store to pickup my Stumblebum thingy!

OUTFIT Credits

Ingenue :: Katherine Trousers :: Leche

:::Sn@tch Wildflower Bustier Top (Taupe-J):::

Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Prussian

cheLLe – (eyeliner) French New Wave Eyeliner (Blue)

::Exile Hair:: Dandy:Sable

Dark Mouse Fresh Spring – Necklace & Earrings

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Curio Skin:GP: Petal [Dark] Jewel-Sapphire 2

Eyes: Shine Monet Pewter

Etheria2: Painted Ladies – Collaboration & Design!!

Last year, I decided I wanted to do an event that would bring designers of different specialties together in a creative endeavor that would highlight the accessory part of the design equation. I called the event Etheria, and somehow managed to pull it off! Based on the success of the previous event, and after discussing it with some good friends, I decided that the time was ripe for another collaborative event in Second Life. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to convince several designers in SL to join me! What is Etheria? Etheria is a collaborative design event, in which we ask the question, what do jewelers dream? I’ve asked a group of jewelry designers, whose work I greatly admire, to create special pieces just for Etheria. In order to make the event even more interesting, each jewelry designer then in turn asks a clothing designer that they greatly admire, to create an outfit specifically for the jewelry they’ve designed. It requires a collaborative effort on the part of both designers, to work to make the clothing and the jewelry work together! In the last Etheria, I worked with Sienia Trevellion of Lark! I’m pleased to announce that Sienia and I will once again be working together. I’m honored and happy to announce the other paired designers for this event: Caroline’s Jewelry & DCNY, Donna Flora & GizzA Creations, Lolapop! & Schadenfreude, Miao & Somnia, and finally Undefined Lilies & Whippet & Buck.

The six paired designers for this event will be working with a specific theme, which is something that we didn’t exactly do last time round. The theme is, “Painted Ladies.” What is a painted lady? In the American Old West, during the gold rush era, there was a group of men called, the ‘49ers, who swarmed the sierra nevada mountains of California in a reckless search for gold! The truth of this era is that the people who made the most money were the services that supported the gold rush, specifically, those who sold shovels and mules. In addition there was a class of women who also supported the minors, in a rather bold fashion. These woman were labeled by the the minors with names such as “ladies of the line” and “sporting women, while the cowboys dubbed them “soiled doves.” Other nicknames for these women, who were as much a part of the Old West as were the outlaws, cowboys and miners, were “scarlet ladies,” fallen angels,” “frail sisters,” “fair belles,” and “painted ladies,” among dozens of others. In short though these were women who sold their bodies for money. While these woman did indeed sell their bodies, there is a certain boldness and fascination about them, when you look at the old pictures of their dress and style. And that’s what we will focus on for the event.

The event runs from January 1 to 8, 2012. It will be located on the Amira sim, in the middle of the lagoon. I hope you can join us, please keep your eyes open for announcements of the landmarks for the event, they will become available shortly before it opens.

Just bumming around

I recently picked up a bunch of stuff that I like a lot, and over the past couple of weeks put together into an outfit that I’ve been wearing for the past 3 days. This is a frequent occurrence with me, just sort of piling stuff up till I have a full outfit. The whole thing comes out of the hair style. I liked the idea of not straightening my hair and pulling it back out of my face with a headband. That’s something I do a lot in RL too! Since the style is casual, I paired it with a lot of other casual things. Then Gfield came along with the fabulous leg warmers, and the whole thing just came together. One of the cool things about being on plurk is getting a heads up on new things as soon as they come out. If you don’t have a plurk account, and you like to keep up on the SL fashion community, I highly recommend plurk (you’ll make some great friends too!). Anyhow for the rest of the outfit I love the worn jeans, the stacked heels and the comfy sweater, paired with my own John glasses, Milkweed necklace, and metallic belt from Dark Mouse. The pictures I took in my live/work studio in SL, and as you can see, I’m a huge fan of Lisp Bazaar! The full credits are at the bottom of the post, the Dark Mouse things you’ll find at my store!.

Outfit Credits

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Faded)

Kyoot – Simple Cozy Sweater (Grey)

.: Somnia :. Lace Tanks {Black} {US}

*GF* Leg Warmer for heels Alpha-Mask

L.Fauna Serious Freckles [Pale2]

LAQ ~ Dark brow [Milky] 01

R.icielli – The Eyeliner collection I /basicblack

Dark Mouse Black & White Revisited Bangle (Left)

Dark Mouse Metallic Leather Belt – Silver (Stomach)

Dark Mouse Milkweed Necklace – Silver (Spine)

Dark Mouse Roundeye – John (Mouth)

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

MINA Hair – Michelle – DBR06

Shiny Things SM Arcadas Shoes – charcoal (L)

LAQ ~ Ebba – [Milky] – 04

Shine Monet Pewter

Is it winter white time yet?

So I’ve been working on a little project for the past few weeks, and I’m really excited about it, so keeping mum is hard. But it’s awesome and I really like the project I just completed. I’ll be releasing it this weekend, so keep your eyes on this blog! I’m at loose ends tonite, and have been wearing this outfit for about 3 days, so I thought, hmmm you should blog this, apparently you like it! And I do. I’m wearing a sweater from Artilleri that I picked up at the Collabor8 October event. I like this sweater alot, and find that it’s very ‘wearable’ as in, I didn’t have to futz with the sculpted top part. I paired it with the Katherine pants from Ingenue, so my vintage circle is complete. Again, another piece that works well, no sculpty futzing of the pants legs. I am wearing my own homage to all things vintage, one of my new sets called, Dreaming of Camelot. The piece is heavily inspired by one I saw in a picture of Jackie O. It also features color change gems, so if you want a bit of versatility, this is the piece for you. Shoes are from Shiny Things, and an oldie but goodie in my inventory. The hair is new from Elikatira, I am addicted to the flirtiness of the style, not to mention that it is what I personally call, ‘ear hair.’ As in, you can see my earrings (this is a really important point for a person who makes jewelry in SL!). Skin is my can’t live without Curio, but I’ve enhanced the eye makeup (I think) with a simple cateye liner from R.icielli, that I picked up on the cheap at the Dressing Room. I hope you like the outfit, poses are from Olive Juice!

Outfit Credits:

/artilleri/ Lajla lurex sweater (shirt) *cream*

Ingenue :: Katherine Trousers :: Leche

Arcadas Charcoal Shiny Things

R.icielli – The Eyeliner collection I /basicblack

Dark Mouse Dreaming of Camelot Set

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Elikatira [e] Shine – Brown 09

Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Pout-Whine 1

Shine Eyes Monet Pewter

Poses Olive Juice

Walking round & about & Into the Woods

Good morning! I took some pics last night just having fun. I put together a bunch of newish items out from designers of late, and lo and behold it all worked just fine! I’m using Luna Jubilee’s windlight settings (awesome sauce) for shadows! The dress is from Haute Monde, a store I’m becoming fond of, covered up a bit by a lovely wrap top in green from Sn@tch! The tights are also from Sn@tch, the awesome pumps are from, surprise, Elikatira. The necklace is from my latest set, Into the Woods, and the earrings are my October group gift to the Dark Mouse VIP group (are you a member? no? whats holding you back? there’s lots of FREE stuff). The bag is a Gritty Kitty bag I picked up LONG ago, but I love the sheer creativity and detail of it. It’s a personal favorite that I wear out and about a lot. The perfectly delightful hair is also from Elikatira, and the skin is Curio Jewel, of the fabulous eyebrows and bright red lipstick. If you like the look, the credits/designers are below. If you like the necklace/earrings, pop over to Dark Mouse Jewelry.

Outfit Credits

haut.monde – Lattice Scoop – Black

[e] Move Pumps – Nude

:::Sn@tch Maniac Knit Top (Army-J):::

:::Sn@tch Ziggy Leggings (Black-U):::

:::Sn@tch Maniac Knit Top (Army):::

Dark Mouse Into the Woods Necklace Silver (Chest)

Dark Mouse VIP ONLY Chandelier Earrings – Silver

Gritty Kitty: Hoot bag Black

[e] Fight – Brown 09

:GP: Petal [Light] Jewel-Black Diamond 2

Shine Monet Pewter

Poses – STATUS

Rever en Blanc

I don’t really speak French. Actually I suck at it entirely, having learned after struggling thru 4 years of French in high school, that I don’t have an ear for languages. Which is sad really, because in my RL household, my hubby speaks 5 languages, and my kids each speak 3. Embarrassing, really! So I googled for an appropriate name for a whitish necklace, that seemed dreamy to me, and came up with Rever en Blanc, or Dream in White. So there you go, I too can use google! So while this post IS about another of my new sets, Rever en Blanc, it is also about white, and the color white. And wearing white on white, etc. I love white on white and specifically chose it because I wanted my necklace to stand out! That was my full intent with this outfit. I also wanted to show off a top I’ve had for a while and a bit from Kyoot, but have not had a chance to. This top comes with a ‘texture’ necklace of sorts. I liked that it combined with my necklace to give the illusion of a lot of stuff going on. I paired it with the ‘play pants’ from Sn@tch, which I like for the clingy feel and the line down the front. My boots are from gfield and actually have cool tops with feathers hanging from them, but since that didn’t work with the cuffs for the pants, they had to go. The boots are black, because well I tried every white boot I own, but it didn’t work. Sometimes it just doesn’t. Btw, the boots are so well made, that if you don’t get your butt to gfield asap, you’re insane!

The new set is out at the Jewelry Fair and will also be available in my store, shortly. As for the rest of the outfit – well, the hair is a long and luscious style from Elikatira, and the skin is from Pink Fuel, a skin I find delightful because of the wide eyed, rosy cheeked look it lends my avatar. I decided I looked ENTIRELY too innocent for this shot, and put red glam lipstick on to counteract it! Also, ignore hand slightly in boob shot, okay? 😉 Check out ALL my new releases at the fair in this post.

Outfit Credits

:::Sn@tch Play Pants (White-P):::

*GF* Open Boots “Vilda”

Kyoot – Chained Thread Top – White

Ibizarre Nail polish – diamont black

Dark Mouse Rever en Blanc Set

[e] Paper – Brown 09

[LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes(NOSE)

[PF] Elly – Angelic (dkbrow)

Shine Monet Pewter

Just rolling along here, somehow.

So, back on the blogging trail…So this outfit combines a bunch of ideas that comprise my favorite things. I love nude/beiges/ecru colors. So I’m naturally drawn to them. I also like anything that has a Boho flair, so this new top from League naturally caught my eye. It also has the kind of neckline that begs for a necklace, so cha-ching, it’s mine. The only thing I don’t like about this top is that it’s probably a wee bit TOO revealing but this is SL so, well, I’m going with it. Besides it does provide a showcase for another new release of mine, the Vintage Pearls on Velvet necklace. The ‘idea’ of this necklace is that I found the pendant in a thrift shop and decided to hang it on a velvet cord I had hanging about. You’ll find this necklace in my booth at the Jewelry Fair, which will open on the 16th of September.

The jeans are the latest bit of perfection from Zaara – I saw these on plurk and knew that I would get them, but just picked them up today. But in particular, I chose this color and shade because it reminds me of a new pair of jeans that need to be worn a bit. I’ll probably wear the hell outta these jeans, I like to have a pair I just toss on for building an what not. The shoes are from G Field. Lovely, chunky, high heels, rather trendy in nude again. These are really well made/well priced, and if you’re a stubborn frankenfoot hater like me, you’ll love them.

The bag is a wondrous snag from an FLF of long ago, and it’s been sitting in my inventory forever. I thought it provided a nice counterpoint for all the beige. Please don’t think that the bag moves with me though, I moved it strategically for almost every picture I took. There is a animated bag in the package though.

Finally, the skin is a personal favorite of mine, Blessa from Tres Blah. I like this skin for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I don’t look like perfect in it. It just feels soft to me. The hair is from Shag, and the movement of the hair should be witnessed. While the hair looks great in a picture, it’s also very wearable.

Outfit Credits

Zaara : Classic Jeans *indigo*

*GF* Square-toe Shoes “Sophie”

*League* Seashell Blouse – Golden Yellow

Dark Mouse Vintage Pearls on Velvet Set

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

[Shag] – Bombshell – bittersweet

-tb- {Light} Blessa: Excuses – Dark Brows

.ILLUSORY. Eyes_13

Poses by Status