Oh look another blog post

Look at me, blogging again. Just more things I like and some of them rediscovered in my inventory (I’m supposed to be cleaning it). Awesome mesh jeans, an excellent texture top, all the other stuff. I find I really like to mix up mesh with texture clothes…also, I can never get an all mesh outfitContinue reading “Oh look another blog post”

Fresh Spring for Stumblebum

Hi there friends, been a while! I’ve been on sabbatical…or something. Still working out the something. I was invited to be a part of Stumblebum, a great event, I’m very honored! It runs for roughly 2 weeks and features items designed from the same palette of colors. For Dark Mouse, I designed a necklace IContinue reading “Fresh Spring for Stumblebum”

Etheria2: Painted Ladies – Collaboration & Design!!

Last year, I decided I wanted to do an event that would bring designers of different specialties together in a creative endeavor that would highlight the accessory part of the design equation. I called the event Etheria, and somehow managed to pull it off! Based on the success of the previous event, and after discussingContinue reading “Etheria2: Painted Ladies – Collaboration & Design!!”

Dark Mouse for Project Themeory!

I wanted to share my release for Project Themeory, out now at Dark Mouse for only $75L. The necklace features a polka dotted, color changeable bow, I’m calling the Happy Bow necklace. Enjoy! The theme for this week, Kawaii! Here’s a teleport directly to the Dark Mouse store.

Just bumming around

I recently picked up a bunch of stuff that I like a lot, and over the past couple of weeks put together into an outfit that I’ve been wearing for the past 3 days. This is a frequent occurrence with me, just sort of piling stuff up till I have a full outfit. The wholeContinue reading “Just bumming around”

Is it winter white time yet?

So I’ve been working on a little project for the past few weeks, and I’m really excited about it, so keeping mum is hard. But it’s awesome and I really like the project I just completed. I’ll be releasing it this weekend, so keep your eyes on this blog! I’m at loose ends tonite, andContinue reading “Is it winter white time yet?”

Walking round & about & Into the Woods

Good morning! I took some pics last night just having fun. I put together a bunch of newish items out from designers of late, and lo and behold it all worked just fine! I’m using Luna Jubilee’s windlight settings (awesome sauce) for shadows! The dress is from Haute Monde, a store I’m becoming fond of,Continue reading “Walking round & about & Into the Woods”

Rever en Blanc

I don’t really speak French. Actually I suck at it entirely, having learned after struggling thru 4 years of French in high school, that I don’t have an ear for languages. Which is sad really, because in my RL household, my hubby speaks 5 languages, and my kids each speak 3. Embarrassing, really! So IContinue reading “Rever en Blanc”

Just rolling along here, somehow.

So, back on the blogging trail…So this outfit combines a bunch of ideas that comprise my favorite things. I love nude/beiges/ecru colors. So I’m naturally drawn to them. I also like anything that has a Boho flair, so this new top from League naturally caught my eye. It also has the kind of neckline thatContinue reading “Just rolling along here, somehow.”