Dark Mouse Jewelry New Releases for TSS!

Hi there! I’ve been working my way thru a logo change and a new store build, and while exciting it IS tedious lol. If you notice my old logo somewhere it should not be (other than on an old ad, working my way thru those too), drop me a notecard telling me where, and I’ll give you a free set from the store, your choice! ;-). This week I have two new releases and as per usual they are out now with special temporary sale pricing for the Saturday Sale. First off I have a simple necklace for spring that’s just pretty. Sweet Spring comes in 4 metal choices and 6 enamel flower colors. Secondly, I have the fun and totally unexpected Abstract Earrings in 8 metal choices, 4 of them in fun colors. These items can be found in the EVENTS section of the store, which is right inside the front door, and to the right. I also have two oldies but goodies out at 50% off for the weekend, my vintage flower enamel earrings and the geometric earrings, only $99L. Here’s a SLURL: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29

Dark Mouse Jewelry for the Saturday Sale

I have a bunch of specials out this weekend for the Saturday Sale! New are my Precious Stone Earrings, lovely and charming with a choice of 4 metals and 8 precious stone choices, these are a mix and match bonanza. I will also have my Lucky Clover Necklace (St. Patty’s day folks) and my Cat & Mouse earrings out at 50% discount. Drop by the store! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29

It’s a Dark Mouse Jewelry Saturday Sale Weekend!!

Hi folks! I’ve been on a bit of a break from SL, nothing serious, just working hard to improve my building skills. This week I’ve got 2 special items out for the Saturday sale, and an old favorite on sale at 50% off! The Dangly Drama Earrings come in 4 metal choices and 16 possible combinations! My Animal Accent Cuffs come in 4 metal colors and 4 different ‘animal’ accent choices. They are each bargain prices at $50L each. I also have my Holiday Hoop Earrings out at 50% off for the weekend special. OUT NOW so stop by the main store for these specials – https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29.

It’s a Bunny New Year & TSS @Dark Mouse Jewelry

Hi there, Dark Mouse Jewelry is in 2 events this weekend! I’m at the Okinawa New Years Festival, with my “Bunny New Year” Necklace, a great deal of a show special at $99L. This necklace features an abstract ‘bunny” and comes in 4 mix and match metal choices. I’m also in TSS this weekend with my, “Metals Contrast” Bracelets, versatile and very stylish bangles with a plethora of mix and match metals and wood. OUT NOW! Only $55L, this weekend only! Please stop by the main store for the TSS special and a landmark to the Okinawa Festival! SLURL to Dark Mouse Jewelry in Nouveau: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29

Metals Contrast Bangles for The Saturday Sale at the Dark Mouse Jewelry Main Store
Bunny New Year Necklace at the Okinawa New Years Festival!

Dark Mouse Jewelry in the Saturday Sale

Hi friends, I have a new release out this week that I really think you’ll like, it’s my Stain Glass Flowers necklace. It comes in 4 metal options and 4 glass flower design options. This is kind of a different piece, and I think you’ll like it. Stop by at the main store to pick this up at a special introductory price for the Saturday Sale – Only 75L! Here’s a tp to the store: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29

Dark Mouse @the Okinawa Christmas Fest & TSS!!

Exciting times for Dark Mouse Jewelry! Not only am in the Shop & Hop but I’m ALSO in the Okinawa Christmas Fest! I have a great earring and bracelet set out for the event, very holiday appropriate. So if you have not yet gotten you holiday finery on, I’ve got you covered. You’ll find my Holiday Bells and Bangles out for only $50L (75% OFF). There’s a wee free gifty out there too. So stop by the event! You can grab the landmark for the event at my store. You can also get the landmark for the Shop & Hop. And while you’re there, please grab my Saturday Sale item, my Holiday Hoops! A great set of hoops in 8 FUN HOLIDAY colors! $55L only this weekend. At the main store. Here’s a SLURL: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29

Dark Mouse Jewelry at the Holiday Shop & Hop!

Hi there fellow SL’ers! This week the Second Life Holiday Shop & Hop sponsored by Linden Lab opens! Dark Mouse Jewelry is fortunate enough to be participating! I will have a new release at the show, a fun holiday earring & bracelet set! I also have a lovely NEW freebie gift out at the show, just hop by and grab it! My new release, Holiday Bulbs Earrings & Bracelets. These are out at the Shop & Hop at a special show price of 75% OFF! So, $50L. I also have a lovely freebie, my Marble & Metal Bangles. I hope you like, and I hope you’ll stop by. Here’s SLURL to the event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snapdragon/155/202/53.

Dark Mouse Jewelry Black Friday Sale 50% OFF & TSS

Hi Friends! I’m doing the Black Friday thing, everything in my store is 50% off. The sale runs from November 24 – 26, but because of the holiday in the US, my vendors are set for the sale RIGHT NOW ;-). I also have a new item out for The Saturday Sale and just in time for the coming Holidays. My Swirl Tree & Stars Earrings for ONLY $55.00. It’s the ONLY thing in the store that’s not marked at 50% because it’s already a great choice. Here’s a SLURL to the store: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nouveau/212/24/29 Please enjoy!

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