Flex On Fire


Yep, this outfit is on fire!  Rebel Hope strikes again!  This dress is elegant, fun…perfect! It fits perfect too.  Mouse looks fantastic!  HELL she feels fantastic.  Go get this one, don’t miss out!  I paired it with a sleek ponytail from Wasabi pills…the ponytail is flex….FLEX PEOPLE!  The young whipper snappers don’t even know what that is!  Jewelry from the always fantastic Yummy and shoes from Reign round out the look.  You can see all my pics on Flickr.  Full outfit credits and SLURLs after the cut.

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Hiking in the hills w/Mouse


Well this is a cute warm sweater, so I took it and Mouse for a quick hike in a fun northern CA town on a crisp late winter day.  The sweater is from Miss Chelsea! I paired it with some cute new hair from pritty (scored on the greyscale pack at Chapter Four) and trusty corduroys from Paper Arrow and skips by Reign.

As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr, and the credits for this outfit are after the cut!

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Squinting at the sun.


No really, that’s what I’m doing here.  Errr.  (this is what happens when I have no idea what to name my posts)  ANYWHO!  Today’s lovely ensemble is brought to you by the perfection that is Coco.  I know I have said this before, but if you’re not into the SL club scene and like classic looks, Coco is the place for you.  I love this ruffled blouse, and the best part is that the ruffles really hold together and don’t get all weird and choppy.  The great pants are made for the outfit, and I’m not wearing any shoes, because there’s no point.    I’ve paired it with a great style from Elikatira, and a vintage Dark Mouse necklace that’s actually STILL available on MP.  I purchased the hair and the outfit at FAMESHED, which is now open.  As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr, and the credits for the outfit are below the cut!

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Wandering about.

What on earth is Mouse doing wandering around the lonely streets! I have no idea! But she looks good doing it, heh?  The outfit is all from Apple Heart, and really reasonably priced.  The hair is from Doux and I confess, rapidly becoming my favorite.  Jewelry is from the ever fantastic Maxi Gossamer.  As always, full credits and slurls after the cut.  All my pictures can be found on Flickr.

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The Dress


Ah, so…I love this dress. I see a lot of stuff as I’m shopping around SL, and this one really caught my eye. It’s cute, simple, well made and has the added bit of interest in the fringe/fluffy part. Go get it, it’s from Seniha, it’s well priced, and would be a great date night dress! I also adore this hair from Doux.  There is a bit of an alpha issue with the hair over my eye, but it’s so sexy, I ignored it.  Full outfit credits are after the cut.  All my pictures can be found on my Flickr.

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Dock on the bay


I found this lovely little spot and decided I need to show off my new sweater dress from Tetra at Collabor88.  Because Mouse is rather modest, I paired it with my trusty Tres Blah leggings, and some red boots from Katat0nik .  The necklace is an old vintage piece from Dark Mouse, that’s no longer available (sorry!).   The hair is Wasabi Pills that I SCORED on getting the black pack on the first pull at Chapter Four.  As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr, and outfit credits are after the cut!

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Walking & Thinking


Just walking and thinking.  I’ve not been in SL for a bit, because well, life is what happens when you have other plans.  We moved to a new home, and it took a lot out of me. But I’m slowly winding my way back.  Popped in yesterday to do FLF, and wait, whatttttt this jacket.  A puffer jacket!  Just so you know, the jacket is static.  I had to hide my arms and remove my hands (things you only say in SL) for it to appear correctly.  But I love it.  So I went for a walk in the crisp winter air.  I paired this with some very sexy tights from Blueberry, and a pair of boots from Tetra I picked up a while ago.  My hair is THE PERFECT BOB from No Match. As always, the full credits for this outfit are after the cut, and you can find all the pictures I took on my Flickr.

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Mouse Moderne

Hi All, I know it’s been a while, but I moved my whole house recently, and welp, there were lots of other stuff to be done!  But I FINALLY set up my computer and here we go!  I’ve been saving this post obviously!

Okay, maybe not modern. But I like this look. I got this top from Ane a while ago, and have been hunting for something to wear with it. I was looking for a skirt, because I thought, hey, old fashioned blouse, skirt, etc. Then I saw these pants and KISMET, “hey those would look good with that Ane blouse!” So there you are.  I have a lovely Nanika tattoo in white and the perfect (as always) shoes from Ingenue.  As always, you can find all my pics on my Flickr.  If you want to visit this sim, the slurl (and the outfit credits) are after the cut.

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The Widow.

I’m a huge Into the Badlands fan. We won’t talk about how the last season ended! So when I saw this Pixicat dress, I thought…that’s got a Badlands kind of vibe.  Then I spotted “Kendall” at the Uber, tried it on and thought, holy crap, I’m the widow!  I got a fantastic thigh holster and gun in my Bishbox and thought PERFECT!  So I give you, the widow. Continue reading “The Widow.”

A Black Dress


Another look to love…a pretty dress that flows.  I love this dress from C’est la vie! I chose black because…well I could.  It’s feels very ‘Paris’ to me.  I paired it with a fantastic new updo from Wasabi Pills, and some truly sublime sandals by Ingenue.  Accessories are an old Dark Mouse Necklace that is no longer available, and some sleek eye makeup from SU!  Photo shoot location and full credits for the look are below the cut.  As always, all my pictures can be found on my Flickr.

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