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What’s up friends? So in today’s installment of Mouse puts on cute clothes in Second Life and takes pictures, we are looking at dress down Mouse.  I saw these GREAT casual pants and thought, oh I have a bunny backpack from Lark that NEEDS these pants.  The top is from a previous gacha, the sneaks are the requisite Fatewear.  Enjoy! As always the full credits for the outfit are listed at the bottom of this post.  The full series of pictures (let’s face it they are all pretty much the same…) can be found on my Flickr.  MAHWHAAAAA!  Oh and these pictures were taken in the Isle of Crystal Gardens.

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Summer Shopping


And it’s a great day for summer shopping in the Casablanca sim, well at least I’m dressed for it, in this super cute ensemble from Paper Arrow.  A lovely springy green!  All the credits for this outfit are after the cut, and you can see all the photos in the series on my flickr.
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A Fool for Love


Nothing I like better than a perfect little spring dress from Tres Blah.  Of course I picked the green.  This came in such a variety of colors/combos, that I had a hard time choosing. But it’s Spring sooooo.  The hair is new from Magika, called, “Fool for Love.” and it is dreamy and romantic. The jewelry is a little something I picked up a while back because I thought is was adorably imaginative – a pearl collar – perfection.  As always, full credits are after the cut, and you can find the full set of pics from this series on my Flickr.

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Been years since I bought a turtle neck anything, but the fun, springy stripes on this one was irresistible from Pixicat.  The skirt is a gacha from Valentina E., which I was holding for just such an occasion.  The hair is an older exclusive FLF special from Elikatira.  The real cool thing though are my feet.  SLink came out with an updated set of 5 feet, which include your flat, mid and high and adds your kitten heel and on pointe feet.  It’s all packed into a lovely HUD that allows you to change feet on demand.  I am not a fan of high feet.  That said, every shoe I see these days is for high feet.  Ergo, I need high feet.  I got the new SLink feet HUD, it was a no brainer.  5 foot styles, at an introductory low price and I needed the high feet anyway.  Go get it, now. As always the full outfit credits are after the pictures, and the full set is on my Flickr!

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Mouse@Beach3Sometimes I stumble onto a great sim, and as luck would have it, I’m wearing new clothes. This is Grace Island, and go now, because apparently the theme changes unexpectedly.  I love this outfit and I love love love everything that Paper Arrow makes.  These pedal pushers are fantastic.  I thought they’d pair well with this top from denim top from Beuno. The hair is from Mina, who is doing the most fantastic styles!  Jewelry is Dark Mouse.  As always, full outfit credits & slurls are below.  You can see the full set of pics from this shoot on my Flickr.  Having a beaching day!

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Waiting for my yacht…


Just hanging out on my dock, waiting for my yacht to arrive.  Dressed for occasion naturally…Wearing an Elikatira exclusive ombre hair (big sale at Elikatira btw, $75L hair packs, although this hair was an FLF special….), my own jewelry, still available on MP, and a lovely slinky dress by Tetra.  In the background the still gorgeous Bluebell Cottage by Dustbunny.  Loving it all.  As always, outfit credits are below the cut, and the full series can be found on my Flickr!

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So sometimes my neighbors come and hang out.  I recently cleared my land completely and redesigned using the Bluebell Cottage, Manor and Lighthouse from DustBunny.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and just finished decorating the bedroom when a friend dropped in.  So I snapped a few pics.  Most of the stuff in the photos is from the latest round of Arcade.  The top is a gloriously designed piece of perfect from Just Because. The hair is from the ever lovely Elikatira.  OH and for the 8 people that read my blog, the necklace is free on the lucky board in my wee shop.  These photos can also be found on my flickr.  As always, credits are below the pics.

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