Walking round & about & Into the Woods

Good morning! I took some pics last night just having fun. I put together a bunch of newish items out from designers of late, and lo and behold it all worked just fine! I’m using Luna Jubilee’s windlight settings (awesome sauce) for shadows! The dress is from Haute Monde, a store I’m becoming fond of, covered up a bit by a lovely wrap top in green from Sn@tch! The tights are also from Sn@tch, the awesome pumps are from, surprise, Elikatira. The necklace is from my latest set, Into the Woods, and the earrings are my October group gift to the Dark Mouse VIP group (are you a member? no? whats holding you back? there’s lots of FREE stuff). The bag is a Gritty Kitty bag I picked up LONG ago, but I love the sheer creativity and detail of it. It’s a personal favorite that I wear out and about a lot. The perfectly delightful hair is also from Elikatira, and the skin is Curio Jewel, of the fabulous eyebrows and bright red lipstick. If you like the look, the credits/designers are below. If you like the necklace/earrings, pop over to Dark Mouse Jewelry.

Outfit Credits

haut.monde – Lattice Scoop – Black

[e] Move Pumps – Nude

:::Sn@tch Maniac Knit Top (Army-J):::

:::Sn@tch Ziggy Leggings (Black-U):::

:::Sn@tch Maniac Knit Top (Army):::

Dark Mouse Into the Woods Necklace Silver (Chest)

Dark Mouse VIP ONLY Chandelier Earrings – Silver

Gritty Kitty: Hoot bag Black

[e] Fight – Brown 09

:GP: Petal [Light] Jewel-Black Diamond 2

Shine Monet Pewter

Poses – STATUS


2 thoughts on “Walking round & about & Into the Woods

  1. It really is a lifesaver, I have so much trouble getting a clear, bright shot, and your WL setting makes it so easy! Thank you for sharing!

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