Dark Mouse for Moody Mondays & a new release: Cursed Pearls

I have another new release in the cursed series, I hope you like it! The pearl necklace is quite lovely, and for Moody Mondays, you can get the matching earrings for this necklace for only $55L. Everything is out early because I’ll be away on Sunday. Here’s a picture of the earrings too! Here’s a teleport link directly to Dark Mouse!


Dark Mouse in Moody Mondays!

Hi there, I have my item for Moody Mondays out a bit early because I’m doing RL things this afternoon! I hope you like, earrings to match my Into the Woods bracelet and necklace from last week. I hope you like! After the event, I’ll have these out as a full set in the store! At the moment though the earrings are out for only $55L. Come and get em, here’s a teleport directly to the store! Also, if you’re not a member of my Dark Mouse VIP group, you really missed out this month ;-). Just saying.

Dark Mouse is downright moody.

That’s right, I’m a part of Moody Mondays this week! And, I have a new hair style for you, and lovely daisy necklace for you. The hair is $55L per color pack for Moody Mondays, the daisy is just a bit of fun and matches well with a gorgeous new outfit from Miao, which you can see below also! Awesome stuff! The daisy necklace is also $55L. Enjoy, and happy shopping to you! Here’s a teleport to the store!