Dark Mouse Hair Sale and FREE STUFF!

Hi there, I’m having a sale on my hair as a holiday special – $25L for a color pack and $100L for a fat pack. Many styles, come check it out. I marked at least 3 of the hair packs at $0L, so if you take a look around you’ll probably find them! And if you’re looking for a great deal, check out my numerous gatchas and lucky boards! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Click this link for a teleport directly to the store!


Just Peachy

Just enjoying a few things I picked up with Moody Mondays – fabulous event, fabulous group of designers – I’m honored to be a part of it. I picked the gorgeous dress from Perse. I love the design, I like the way the neckline dips ever so slightly on one side, I really like the sheen of silk. I also like the shoes I paired with it. They are CRUSHED VELVET PUMPS from Vox, love them and see some wonderful things from this designer. I paired the dress and shoes with the new hair (Palomma) and jewelry (Dove) that is available for free at the FREE DOVE! YAY! See my last post for details. Yes you have to dig through a bit of 2006 to find them but I really like the Free Dove and always will, I think we’ll see a refreshing rebirth soon. The skin I’m wearing is my latest love, Pout from Curio. The poses are from Status! I would love to show you all things that were available for Moody Mondays, including my own contribution, but well I can only get it together to blog so much! I wish I had more time in the day. Outfit credits are below!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Palomma (Brown5) – Dark Mouse for the Free Dove

Skin – Petal Light Pout-Whine 2 – Curio

Lip Layer – Elusive Lip Orange – Tuli

Eyes – Monet Pewter – Shine

Eyelashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (No Longer Available)

Jewelry – Dove Bangles & Earrings Set – Dark Mouse for the Free Dove

Dress – Kharen (Peach Sherbert) – Perse

Stockings – Lace top stockings – Blowpop

Shoes – Rome Crushed Velvet Pumps (Oyster) – Vox

Poses – A variety from Status

The Free Dove

I’m an oldbie. Just letting ya know that I’ve been around in SL since 2006, and I think its probably about time to accept my oldbieness.. I know I am because there are people in SL who have NEVER heard of the Free Dove. Back in the day, the Free Dove was the place to get your look on. A large collection of FREE jewelry, hair, skin, and clothing can be found there. There were other places (the Gnubie Store comes to mind), but the first place I went, and sent my newly made friends for ‘stuff’ was the Free Dove. The Free Dove is run by Palomma Casanova – and with the demise of the Gnubie store, needs a big refresh! Because I remember, and remember fondly, my visits there, I’ve decided to help out at the store (which still gets A LOT of traffic) by donating two items, exclusive to the Free Dove! I have out there a new bangles and earrings set, I’m calling Dove. I’ll also have a new hair style out – Palomma. If you’re a designer in Second Life, and can remember when, I urge you to donate a new and exclusive item to the newbie store. If you are a MAJOR hair or skin designer, I urge you to donate hair and skin – since I’m certainly not the best, and the selection of hair there currently was lovely back in the day, but now needs a bit of upgrade. If you’re interested in donating, drop a notecard on Palomma Casanova. Here is a teleport to the Free Dove, these items are available for free there right now.

Feeling pretty

I have an entire folder in my inventory called ‘new clothes’ and it’s where I stash stuff till I actually wear it, then I file it in the gadzillion folders I have for clothes. The folder is huge at the moment. I have been buying for weeks and then wearing the same thing for days while I get sucked into working on something new! In any case I just bought this GORGEOUS dress from Sn@tch. LOOK AT THE SKIRT. I love it. I love wearing this – it moves with my av so beautifully, and looks like crepe. I tried it on this morning and thought, oh man I have the perfect shoes for this and pulled out the Ingenue special shoes from the last shoe fair, and walla! For accessories, I’m wearing my own FREE Alex hair – the flowers in the hair band mimic the flowers on the shoes. The jewelry is a new set that is out in the store, Delicate Drama earrings and bangles, an intricate design.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Alex (Brown 5) – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

Skin – {Light} Blessa: Fine Time – Treh Blah

Eyes – Monet Pewter – Shine

Eyelashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (No Longer Available)

Jewelry – Delicate Drama Bangles & Earrings – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

Dress – Betty Please – Sn@tch

Stocking – Cuban Heel Pantyhose II *cream30 blackseam* – No.9 Nylons

Shoes – Ingenue :: Dianthus in Bloom :: 2010 Shoe Fair Exclusive – Ingenue

Poses – A variety from LAP

New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

I have some new releases that you may like, a new set called, “Vintage Thrift Store” because the style reminds me of something you might find rummaging around in a bin at the Thrift store. Two new bangles & earrings sets! First off – the “Delicate Drama” set and then the, “Black & White Revisited” set. Both started as experiments in something else which led me down a different path. And finally, new hair, Kana, a loose messy bun with lots of fly-away bits. All available today at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair, I hope you take a minute to stop by my newly rebuilt store – here’s an LM!

Sadly, another event for a disaster, what you can do to help – plus, a special offer from me.

Sadly, there is another disaster to contemplate, another disaster to send your prayers, thoughts, and if you can, your assistance. There was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan on Friday, and they are just now seeing the scope of the devastation. People lives have been lost, and the survivors will need all our help. I’m participating in a the Pacific Crisis fundraiser, an event to raise what will be much needed dollars to help out those affected by the earthquake in Japan. Go, donate. Here’s a picture of the jewelry I will be offering as a donation sale. It’s call the Anzac set, available in gold, silver or copper. Click this link to teleport to the event. ALSO – if you make just a donation to the donation box available at my main store on the Amira sim, I plan to DOUBLE the amount. At the moment, there is 5300 linden in the box (A very lovely person made a big donation). So if you’d like to make a donation that way, please drop by. You have till the end of the event (April 10) to donate! Here’s a direct slurl to my store if you’d like to donate that way.

Dark Mouse Hair at Disco Deals!

Hi my friends – I have hair for this months Disco Deals, I do hope you like it. I have Emma and Emma 2.0 – demo’s available. Please stop by Disco Deals this month and check out all the great vendors! You can check out all the vendors on the SCD blog, they will be posted Friday morning. This months vendors are Abode, Clique, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair, Gesticulate!, HopScotch, Ingenue, Karizmatik Modern, Lolapop!, Miao, Mood, Projekt Mayhem, sur+ and Wretched Dollies.

Here’s a teleport to the event!

And here’s pictures of my two new hairstyles!

Cat and Mouse

More lovely stuff to show off today. I was trying on this adorable Nichole Onyx skirt from Miao and the Ruby Lourdes top that came with it and thought, I look like the receptionist who has unknown depths you know nothing of!

Other items on display here – my own new Betty 2.0 hair and Jayne Cateye Glasses (love those flourishes in the corners!). I’m wearing a new Dutch Touch skin that I have great love for at the moment, and the Arcada pumps that just don’t get enough attention from Shiny Things. Jewelry is my own, 50’s vintage pearls and diamonds. Here’s a teleport to the Disco Deals Bazaar where you can pick up the skirt and top – AND RUN today’s the last day! Poses are from the ever fabulous Gidge and Gesticulate!

Moody post is moody.

So I did release a new set that is currently out for Disco Deals – and also picked up some gorgeous stuff for myself! I think right now I’m just in love with anything from Sn@tch as I find myself usually wearing outfits from there, and/or building around the great necklines. At Disco Deals RIGHT NOW – is the stunning Avril lingerie. I like this because it’s just so vintage. Classically so. I paired it with the decidedly non-vintage GOS Dare Boots also currently at the DD Bazaar. I’m wearing my own new Jenny 2.0 hair in brown 5, and the In the Mood set on sale at DD. It’s a DD sort of day, for me! The skin I’m wearing is LAQ Mima 02 in Milky tone, my new favorite eyes from Illusory and my old faithful eyelashes from La Syphilde, but sadly no longer available. Here’s a teleport to SCD’s Disco Deals where you can purchase these items!

Dark Mouse Hair – The Odyssey Continues!

Sometimes I think that I don’t tell people enough about building in SL. What it’s like – to be able to envision something, take a few simple blocks, and put them together to create something that comes out of my head. It is for me, I think, the sole reason I remain in SL. Well that and my friends. I have a few friends in SL that chat with me while I’m focused on building. These are friends who know that I may be silent in chat for long periods of time lol. I love them all very much. SL for me has always been about creating and learning. Typically the items that you see on the virtual shelves of my store, are things that are born out of a crazy idea or experiment. I rarely build something for the sake of having an item to sell. It just ends that way. Then there is the process of trying to come up with an equally creative ad and packaging for the item. But the truth is that I’m continually experimenting and learning how to do stuff. I’ve been working on making sculpts – in general – for my various projects – and let me tell you, when you are a slow burn, it takes time to get the hang of things! It always takes me longer than most. I’m self taught in photoshop, blender, sculpty paint and pretty much all the software programs I’ve ever used.

This week I felt like I wanted to just leave SL and never return. Why do I bother creating? Why does anyone? Then I realized it because I feel compelled to. I feel compelled to continually improve and perfect, it gives me satisfaction to do so, and if it takes me longer than most people well then that’s too fucking bad. I’ll just keep doing what I do. I hope you do the same.

Anywho, I have been working hard, not only on glasses, but on hair too. I’ll also be participating in several upcoming events – CHIC Limited (February), Fashion for Life, Culture Shock, Hump Day Happiness and of course, Disco Deals. I really like my new styles, I realize that they may not be as ‘cool’ as stuff coming out from other designers, but they are mine, I slaved over them, so I will be proud of them. I hope that you enjoy them too!

I have 4 new styles – Betty, Betty 2.0, Jenny, Jenny 2.0. A wee bit retro and fun. All hair is $200L for a color pack, $250 for the variety pack and $500L for the fatpack. Stop by the store to try on a free demo! Also if you’re not in my in-world group – JOIN! I have a group, called Dark Mouse VIP, so if you’re looking to use up your new groups, join mine! And I want to just put a special thank you to Sienia in here, because she really cheered me up today, though I’m sure she didn’t realize it!