Ready to go!


So look at me, blogging again.  I picked the dress up from Famished.  There’s a couple of glitches in the pics, but I’m too lazy to fix ;-).



Outfit Credits:

Hair – Wasabi Pills “Lory”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Makeup – Chelle “Adele”

Eye Lashes – La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (vintage)

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry – Dark Mouse (MarketPlace) “Vintage Flea Market Bangle”

Dress – Rebel Hope (at Famished) “Summer Vacation Mesh Dress Magnolia”

Purse – C’est la vie !  “gamaguchi pochette”

Shoes – Essenz “Seattle”

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Mid-High Feet”

Beaching again

Hey, I’m back! I’ve decided it’s summer in SL. Even if it can’t be anywhere else. I picked up the top during the last FLF, and welp, I could only see it as beachy. So here you are, Mouse at the beach. Credits below pics.

mouseatbeach3 mouseatbeach2

Outfit Credits:

Hair – Wasabi Pills “Valentina”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Makeup – Glitterati (MarketPlace) “Petticoat Lane Barely There”

Lips – Birdy “Lippy Salmon Pinks”

Eye Lashes – La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (vintage)

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry & Sunglasses – Dark Mouse (MarketPlace) “Bohemian Flare, Hoop Earrings & John Glasses”

Tank Top – Drift “Summer Tank”

Bikini – Whippet & Buck “Mind like water”

Shorts – Tulip (MarketPlace) “Vintage Cut-offs”

Backpack – :pesca: “Canvas and leather backpack/map3″

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Flat Feet”

Just Fooling Around

So, I have not been blogging lately (ok since August), but sometimes I pick things up and they work so well together, that I feel compelled to blog. Feeling very mermaidish… Credits below the pics.


mouse3 mouse2

Outfit Credits:

Hair – Magika “Friday”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Makeup – Adore & Abhor “Mono V2″

Eye Lashes – La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (vintage)

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry – Dark Mouse “Nouveau Flower”

Dress/Top – Enfant Terrible “Willow Dress Taupe”

Leggings – Lark “Sweet Girl Leggings”

Shoes – Miel “Gladiator Cage”

Wandering the streets


Yesterday I spent some time wandering around SL. The destination guide brought me to Otherworld, a place that sells old world shops.  The sim is modeled on a London dockside. I like the atmosphere of this place, and my outfits seems perfect for wandering around old shops. Records – I’m outside a record store lol.  Most kids don’t know what they are… I’m wearing a fantastically adorable yet casual dress from Fission that I could see myself wearing in RL. I paired it with sandals from Pure Poison and hair from Wasabi Pills. Since the dress has such a bold pattern, I kept the accessories simple.




The details:

Skin & Makeup

:GP: Pearl-Nadia-Makeup 1-Black (Curio)

.Birdy. Lippy {Pinks} Hello kitty

petticoat lane; lash tattoos; doe eyed.

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (vintage)

/Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Ash


Fission: Amy belted dress-Tan 

Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Gold


Dark Mouse les etoiles brillent Necklace – Copper (Chest)

Dark Mouse Nouveau Rose Bakelite Bangle – Brown (Left)

I like yellow.


Hi there friends! I can’t say that I’m back, but well I sort of felt like blogging even though I have not done so in TWO YEARS! I picked up this adorable dress at NYU and it made me feel so Jackie O that I had to go for it. Oh and I might add, I bought the dress w/o getting a demo – a total leap of faith! I’m wearing adorable sandals from friday, and normally I would not wear them with this dress, but it just worked. Skin is one of my favorites from AE, Carolyn. I’m fairly certain everything is I’m wearing is from a successful fifty linden friday jaunt. I hope you like and I hope that I am inspired again.



The details:
fri. – Kokomo.Sandals (Sand)
MINA Hair – Eva
NYU – Cassy Dress, Sunshine
AE Skins – Carolyn T2 Bare w/dimples
petticoat lane; lash tattoos; doe eyed.
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal
Shine Monet Pewter
Dark Mouse Steeplechase Pearls Necklace – Gold

Oh look another blog post

Look at me, blogging again. Just more things I like and some of them rediscovered in my inventory (I’m supposed to be cleaning it). Awesome mesh jeans, an excellent texture top, all the other stuff. I find I really like to mix up mesh with texture clothes…also, I can never get an all mesh outfit to work for me! OH! I put all the pics I took on my flickr here.

Outfit Credits

fri. – Ballet.Tee (Black.Stripe)

cheLLe – (eyeliner) Adele Coal

*FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Plum Leather

/Wasabi Pills/ Brigitte Mesh Hair – Ash

::1bp:: Crop Jeans M Charcoal

Dark Mouse Sedate Me Necklace (Chest)

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Reek – Tennessee Slip Ons – Girls Red

:GP: Petal [Light] Pout-Tantrum 2

Shine Eyes Monet Pewter

tra lala lala

I had to put up a post just to replace that OTHER post and so here it is. A picture of me wearing things I like, old and new. Pose by the diabolical Gidge Uriza. Rest of the credits courtesy of that cool little function with in SL that allows you to cut and paste what you’re wearing in a notecard! If you want to see the other pics that I probably should have done better, I put them on my flicker! YAY!

Outfit Credits

mijn.t [Je m’apelle Marlene] – undershirt

HOC Industries – Flats

cheLLe – (eyeliner) French New Wave Eyeliner

/Wasabi Pills/ Ichigo Mesh Hair – Ash

Dark Mouse Roundeye – Twiggy

DM Wild Animal Earrings (Silver/Zebra)

DM Wild Animal Print Bangles (Silver/Zebra)

La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes

Tee*fy Skater Skirt Black Dots M

Tiny Bird – Thick Lashes (nose)

:GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Jewel-Pure 2

Shine Monet Pewter Eyes

DLS Dancing Dolls Mesh Bag