Oh Taber, my Taber…


I have always lived in the beta sims, except for a short stint (I think) in Amira. I used to own quite a bit of Taber, and my old land is now owned by an old friend of mine in SL. I missed it so I flew over there to take a look and see what’s he’s been doing with it. Taber is right next to the Natoma sim, which houses the Ivory Tower of Prims. In Taber itself, you’ll find many objects that were created within the first year of Second Life’s existence. Kind of cool, the original windmill, the Fairchild park, and other cool objects. I like the historical significance of the area, and while it might seem really old school, it reminds me of the excitement of the old days. Of course, I’m wearing a few new things. I rarely change my skin, but I’m rockin Glam Affairs FLF special from this past Friday.  A great dress from Fishy Strawberry, new hair courtesy of Hair Fair, and some great Pure Poison sandals. Full credits below the pics, check out the whole series of pics on my flickr.
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So my favorite colors are blue and green. I love orange of course, but blue and green just do it for me. I saw this beautiful top on Plurk from a creator friend, and had to have. I love love love the colors. I saw the skirt at Collabor88 and thought, KISMET!  The hair is new from Magika another one of my favorite designers. I did a bit of photoshop to bring all the colors into alignment, but they are generally what is shown, but as always, get a demo! See below for outfit credits and you can see a few more pics from this series on my Flickr. Follow me! I’ll follow you back I swear!

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A lazy morning.

Yes, I have them.  Even in Second Life.  Actually mostly in SL.  I find myself staring around my skybox and thinking, damn I have got to finish decorating.  But at least I got the bedroom done (with a little help from a flash sale at Apple Fall).  I think I’ll do some more surfing on the web.  As per usual, outfit credits after the pictures.  Also check out the full series on my Flickr.

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Green with envy!

Sometimes I’m out and about and a story just presents itself. For some reason, as I was taking the pictures for this post, a theme started to emerge. So I went with it.  Outfit credits after the pics, as per usual.  OH! There’s more pictures from this set on my Flickr.  Go check it out.




Outfit Credits

Hair – Wasabi Pills “Sharon”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Lashes – *LODE* “Snapdragon Lashes” and La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (Vintage)

Eye Makeup – cheLLe “Adele”

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry – Dark Mouse “Whirling Dervishes Necklace & Earrings”

Dress – .Atomic. “Summer Splash” (Collabor88)

Shoes – Leverocci  “Satin Wrap Heels”

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Mid High Feet”

much blurry. so amble. wow.


I was just ambling around a lovely sim called Hippie Land.  Quite lovely.  Wearing some old/some new/some gacha/some blue.  By all rights and the gacha gods this should be a post of me in barely there lingerie.  SADLY it is not. It will happen, I just have to suck it up and try again. Welp I’ll stop whining about my luck at ARCADE now, credits below the pics!



Outfit Credits

Hair – Ploom “Yuki”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Lashes – Petticoat Lane “doe eyed lashes” and La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (Vintage)

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Eye Makeup – *LODE* “Snapdragon Shadow” and cheLLe “Adele”

Jewelry – Halfdeer “Savannah Necklace” and Zaara “Friendship bracelets”

Top – *MishMish* “Shiba Tank”

Pants – {mon tissu} “Best Friend Jeans”

Shoes – fri.day “Bailey.Loafers”

Bag – Mon Cheri “Boho Fringe Bag”

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Flat Feet”