Taking Selfies

Yes, yes.  I’m taking selfies because my av is so damn cute. LOL!  I couldn’t resist pairing all these really cute things.  Hair is from Wasabi Pills and an FLF special.  The outfit is from Miss Chelsea, the shoes are from Reign, the jewelry is from Yummy.  The phone is a cute little gatcha I picked up at Lootbox.  As always, all my pics are on Flickr, and you can find full outfit credits & slurls after the cut!  Enjoy your shopping in Second Life!

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Took a stroll over to Tableau, the perfect setting for some western style pics.  I’m sporting a great shirt /dress combo from Giz Seorn, the perfect hair for it, from Elikatira and some great boots from Ingenue that I can’t stop wearing they are perfect for everything!  Anywho, as always, full credits are after the cut, and you can find these and my other pictures on my Flickr acct.
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All tied up at the Beach


So I’m beaching.  I’m also rocking these bento poses, so please excuse me for going a little nuts.  I love the picture with the hands out but I’m not sure I would stand like that in RL! The picture really shows off the shoes from Breathe though.  I’ve paired the shoes with a great skirt from Go! and of course, a fantastic (AS ALWAYS) tied up shirt from Tres Blah.  Hair is Doe, Earrings are Maxi Gossamer and eye make up is Veechi!  A bunch of great finds, as always outfit credits with Slurls are after the cut, and all my pics can be found on Flickr!

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Those jeans!

I desperately needed jeans for Summer in SL and Blueberry delivered! Those jeans! That butt! Pretty happy with these! Not least of which I was able to pair them with a top not by Blueberry (though the sweater is fantastic, go get it….). I like to wear a variety of stuff and I’m stubborn. I wearing a jacket and top from Riot that I really love.  Jewelry is Half Deer and fun maryjanes are from Livalle.  As always, all my pictures can be found on Flickr, and the full outfit credits are after the cut.  The super fun poses are Gingerfish, a new to me bento pose maker.  I took these fun pictures on the DustBunny sim, check out the new main store, it’s stunning!

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Spring time in SL

It’s that time!  It’s Spring in SL!  Ok ok, maybe it’s not but damn I’m ready.  My body is ready!  I was inspired by Nylon Outfitters Floral Cage Hoop skirt.  OMG!  So sweet, so darling, so me….I somehow scored the perfect ballet, high heels, wrapped around my feet shoes from Breathe and they are perfect with the skirt.  The finishing touch was my new friend, Sweet Meese from Plastik. How could I resist!  Anywho, all my pictures can be found on Flickr, and you’ll find full outfit credits & slurls, after the cut.  Enjoy!
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Just hangin with Mouse

Just hanging with Mouse, and sporting some adorable new pieces from Fashionably Dead!  I love stuff like this, look at the detail on the belt!  Love it.  I also picked up this lovely hair style from Exile, and a funky necklace that I just took one look and grabbed.  The shoes are a score from Arcade. As usual, you can find all my pictures on my Flickr account and the full outfit credits and slurls after the cut!

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The poses have it.

Hi there!  Along with my fabulous outfit (full credits after the cut), I thought I’d feature and share a bit with you my favorite pose makers.   While I have several, I always seem to land on the same two pose makers for my blog posts.  First up, Kirin Poses.  Ok so, I can no longer find an in-world store for Kirin Poses – here’s the link to the marketplace store.  The designer is Carolina Sautereau, and you’re wondering…what do I like about her poses? There is a certain…subtleness about them.  Like the pose is here, then it changes just a bit for the next set, and just a bit more.   They are elegant.  I use them ALL THE TIME.  The poses here:
One thing I alway do is acknowledge in my credits the posemaker.  Why?  Because the pose makes the shot!  How could I possibly capture a mood in a photo without one.  It give Mouse life, purpose, a look!

Second up, Le Poppycock.  Here’s a link to the inworld store.  The designer is Olivia Lalonde.  So what is it about these poses that keeps me coming back?  The DRAMA.  They are all so dramatic!  If I’m really trying to look a certain way, maybe my outfit is over the top, or Mouse is in an awkward place… I’m going with Le Poppycock!  I use these ALL THE TIME.   My favorite poses here:
oOo Studio Poses by Olaenka Chesnokov is another favored pose maker.  I suggest you take a look and remember, the pose makes the look! As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr. Full outfit credits are after the cut.

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Take me to church


Found a lovely sim, lots of beautiful stuff and light.  I took some pics naturally, and wanted to show off some of my latest finds.  A fantastic top from ms. Chelsea, a great skirt from Neve (Cold Logic) and some funky and fantastic heels (see the close up after the cut!) that I scored in a Gacha at The ARCADE  The Doe hair is perfection! As always, you can see all my pics on Flickr.  Full outfit credits and slurls are after the cut.

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Mouse at Night

This is the last of my Uber finds, a great dress from Lybra, that I couldn’t pass up, even when it didn’t come in Slink Physique (it’s hour glass, and I had to adjust my shape!) But it’s so sexy it was worth the trouble! I’ve paired it with a vintage Dark Mouse bracelet and some hair from Elikatira. The shoes are Empire. As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr. The full outfit credits and slurls are after the cut.

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