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So, a thing happened to me in SL about 2 weeks ago, that I confess, caught me completely off-guard. I was in Natoma, visiting the Ivory Tower, when on the map, I noticed a large swatch of the sim Sage for sale. The price was dirt cheap, so I did the unthinkable and bought it. Why?? I don’t know why it was a complete impulse. But it felt right, and as a firm believer in going with your instincts, I did it. The area is sentimental for me. My first stop after escaping help island was Ambat. Next stop, Teal, where I was forever charmed by Bilbo’s hobbit hole and the particle lab. Sage is right next to Teal, I can see it from my new plot!

I won’t lie, many people will think I’m insane for purchasing mainland. I’m also right next to the Plum sandbox which seems to be constantly griefed. After a few days of omg, omg, I wondered what I would do with this land. Well I’ve finally fixed it up some (just ignore the 8 meter high full bright build on the plot next to mine), and I’ve moved my main store there. I am staying on Amira for just a bit longer, so I have two stores atm. Also, just so you know, my love for Kesseret is unchanging as always ;-). I hope you’ll come by and visit, I put the February group gift out on the table in the store for EVERYONE (see what I did there?). Here’s a teleport directly to the new store!

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Last year, I decided I wanted to do an event that would bring designers of different specialties together in a creative endeavor that would highlight the accessory part of the design equation. I called the event Etheria, and somehow managed to pull it off! Based on the success of the previous event, and after discussing it with some good friends, I decided that the time was ripe for another collaborative event in Second Life. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve managed to convince several designers in SL to join me! What is Etheria? Etheria is a collaborative design event, in which we ask the question, what do jewelers dream? I’ve asked a group of jewelry designers, whose work I greatly admire, to create special pieces just for Etheria. In order to make the event even more interesting, each jewelry designer then in turn asks a clothing designer that they greatly admire, to create an outfit specifically for the jewelry they’ve designed. It requires a collaborative effort on the part of both designers, to work to make the clothing and the jewelry work together! In the last Etheria, I worked with Sienia Trevellion of Lark! I’m pleased to announce that Sienia and I will once again be working together. I’m honored and happy to announce the other paired designers for this event: Caroline’s Jewelry & DCNY, Donna Flora & GizzA Creations, Lolapop! & Schadenfreude, Miao & Somnia, and finally Undefined Lilies & Whippet & Buck.

The six paired designers for this event will be working with a specific theme, which is something that we didn’t exactly do last time round. The theme is, “Painted Ladies.” What is a painted lady? In the American Old West, during the gold rush era, there was a group of men called, the ‘49ers, who swarmed the sierra nevada mountains of California in a reckless search for gold! The truth of this era is that the people who made the most money were the services that supported the gold rush, specifically, those who sold shovels and mules. In addition there was a class of women who also supported the minors, in a rather bold fashion. These woman were labeled by the the minors with names such as “ladies of the line” and “sporting women, while the cowboys dubbed them “soiled doves.” Other nicknames for these women, who were as much a part of the Old West as were the outlaws, cowboys and miners, were “scarlet ladies,” fallen angels,” “frail sisters,” “fair belles,” and “painted ladies,” among dozens of others. In short though these were women who sold their bodies for money. While these woman did indeed sell their bodies, there is a certain boldness and fascination about them, when you look at the old pictures of their dress and style. And that’s what we will focus on for the event.

The event runs from January 1 to 8, 2012. It will be located on the Amira sim, in the middle of the lagoon. I hope you can join us, please keep your eyes open for announcements of the landmarks for the event, they will become available shortly before it opens.

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Hey! I was invited to be on Fabulous Fashion TV and I’m pretty jazzed about it! (ok maybe a wee bit nervous too) I will have two models, two of my good friends in SL, Kesseret Steeplechase and Hethr Engel. While I love them both dearly, I also asked them because my brain leans toward retro and vintage naturally and both have shapes that I feel represent actual woman and have a retro feel. I will be showing the same outfit, accessorized in different ways. Since I specialize in retro and vintage jewelry – expect more of the same. Please join me for the show, I’ll be on VOICE (omg, omg – prepare for a queens, ny accent softened by 20 years in california), probably nervous and talking about fashion, something I can only pretend to know a bit about. The show is on October 11, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. SLT. Here’s a teleport to the show! When you arrive at the TP point, turn around and head up the stairs into the building. Oh! And there will be presents!

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I just moved a TON of stuff into the discount section of the store – NOW’s the time to stock up on jewelry! I have fatpacks of jewelry for $100L and a single set marked down to $50L. Normal prices are $400-$300L a fatpack, so DEALLLLLLL. I’ve got a bit of the remodel bug so who knows how long they will be there! Get here today! Click this link for a teleport directly to the store!

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~ Etheria – When Jeweler’s Dream ~ Dark Mouse and Lark for Etheria – This Sunday

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What is it that men say always wins the argument? I’ve been married for 20 years and let me tell you my husband crumbles like blue cheese in endive lettuce at the sight of my tears. That is why I rarely cry when we argue. And why, I cannot in good conscious keep my mouth shut now that I have opened it on this issue. Dark Mouse started appearing yesterday – AFTER MY BLOG POST – in ‘all’ for ‘jewelry.’ I was on page one for 24 hours – and seem to be appearing and disappearing at random now (dynamic search? LOL – it seems to have something to do with having ‘mature’ and ‘adult’ checked – see the JIRA’s below). But seriously this is NOT the point – it was not my intention to get technical support via blog post! I don’t expect to be on page one unless I’ve earned it. And what the kindly customer service representative from LL stated on live chat – that “traffic is totally responsible for your ranking is simply NOT TRUE.” ‘Relevance’ is what is supposed to improve it. That’s why putting your keyword in the name of your store (erm, jewelry) is important and someone recommending you in their picks is a good thing. I’d also like to say that my post yesterday was born of pure frustration and anger – to those who are suggesting that I’m being overly dramatic, the point of my post was my personal realization that I was upset (i.e., overly dramatic) enough to react the way I did to this thing we call a video game. Yep, it’s true – I’m human.

For those of you checking on these things like me, on page two of chat, this relevant item to a search under ‘all’ for “jewelry” can be found on page 2 of results! – Millions Media $500L Unlimited View DVD’s #1 for Movies! YAY I can get movies in SL for ONLY $500L.

And – the ticket that I submitted on May 28, and have commented on yesterday on LL’s support site has not yet been responded to – though I have talked to live chat to no avail.

Please go VOTE on these JIRA’s – research now tells me that this is a serious bug – you log into JIRA the way you log into your account.

~ http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2001

~ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1712

~ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1735

And I wanted to say thank you to everyone in world and in comments for the kind thoughts and words of support. I appreciate them more than I can ever say.

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***So I just checked and Dark Mouse is back in search. I don’t know why but there you have it. Blog post? Mebbe.***

Seriously people, I’m a slow burn. I rarely fly off the handle, but I’ve just about had it. Ever since I’ve owned a business in SL from the early days of Whimsical Creation Homes to the current days of Dark Mouse Jewelry, I’ve been tossed around by the bullshit system we fondly call SEARCH. At times, I’ve seriously felt that someone at Linden Lab is out to get me. My first 3 months in business – no problems at all. Then I moved to Taber. From day one, my land settings would mysteriously change from ‘any category’ to ‘educational.’ I would change it back. My land description would change (not by me and I was the only person in my group) and I would fall off search for 7 days. I filed ticket after ticket, after ticket. At first, I was told, “what, we can find you in search.” And lo and behold, I was there! Then I was told, well your store is just not that popular, so you’re really LOW in the rankings. Okay, okay, I’d think – you just have to work harder to improve, and you’ll appear in the right place. I got camper machines for a few months. Nothing helped really. Then I was told, well you’re using an alternate viewer…always it was something. I gave up on tickets. I would frequently appear, then disappear again. Then, they changed the way search worked. Now you needed to be ‘relevant’ like if people put you in their picks and stuff. Hmmm, so I got a picks rewards machine about 5 months ago. Woah nelly! That worked like a charm and for the last 4-5 months, I have reliably appeared in search, under the search term “jewelry’ in the first 5 pages in ‘all.’ This was a good thing. I felt like at least I could be found for people to look at my stuff – and I was with my competitors, all of whom I respect a great deal. Then about two weeks, I randomly checked search – and what the hell, I was not appearing! I checked again in the evening and YAY I was back. Next day and for the next few days, I would appear in search in the mornings, but not in the evenings. Then last week, I vanished from search altogether. I got on Live Chat. They can’t help me and I was told to, ‘file a ticket.’ But seriously, I’m so tired of this. I feel like I’m being singled out. Which is just ridiculous, right? Probably I’ll be back there tomorrow, just to annoy the crap outta me.

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