The poses have it.

Hi there!  Along with my fabulous outfit (full credits after the cut), I thought I’d feature and share a bit with you my favorite pose makers.   While I have several, I always seem to land on the same two pose makers for my blog posts.  First up, Kirin Poses.  Ok so, I can no longer find an in-world store for Kirin Poses – here’s the link to the marketplace store.  The designer is Carolina Sautereau, and you’re wondering…what do I like about her poses? There is a certain…subtleness about them.  Like the pose is here, then it changes just a bit for the next set, and just a bit more.   They are elegant.  I use them ALL THE TIME.  The poses here:
One thing I alway do is acknowledge in my credits the posemaker.  Why?  Because the pose makes the shot!  How could I possibly capture a mood in a photo without one.  It give Mouse life, purpose, a look!

Second up, Le Poppycock.  Here’s a link to the inworld store.  The designer is Olivia Lalonde.  So what is it about these poses that keeps me coming back?  The DRAMA.  They are all so dramatic!  If I’m really trying to look a certain way, maybe my outfit is over the top, or Mouse is in an awkward place… I’m going with Le Poppycock!  I use these ALL THE TIME.   My favorite poses here:
oOo Studio Poses by Olaenka Chesnokov is another favored pose maker.  I suggest you take a look and remember, the pose makes the look! As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr. Full outfit credits are after the cut.

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Cute Dress Alert


Ah just in time for Spring!  I keep hoping for it to get warmer, and soon.  I hate the cold.  I have the perfect dress for SL Spring!  It’s cute, it’s reasonably priced and you get the WHOLE THING.  Dress, shoes, handbag.  Good deal for $175L!  Go get it for fun.  Then go for brunch!  As always, find all my pics on Flickr.  Outfit credits after the cut!

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Take me to church


Found a lovely sim, lots of beautiful stuff and light.  I took some pics naturally, and wanted to show off some of my latest finds.  A fantastic top from ms. Chelsea, a great skirt from Neve (Cold Logic) and some funky and fantastic heels (see the close up after the cut!) that I scored in a Gacha at The ARCADE  The Doe hair is perfection! As always, you can see all my pics on Flickr.  Full outfit credits and slurls are after the cut.

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Mouse at Night

This is the last of my Uber finds, a great dress from Lybra, that I couldn’t pass up, even when it didn’t come in Slink Physique (it’s hour glass, and I had to adjust my shape!) But it’s so sexy it was worth the trouble! I’ve paired it with a vintage Dark Mouse bracelet and some hair from Elikatira. The shoes are Empire. As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr. The full outfit credits and slurls are after the cut.

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fell into fairie


What? I can do fairie! Actually I love all things fairie, and when I was a little kid, I wanted to be an elf when I grew up…Anywho.  This whole look screams fairie to me!  Another fantastic dress snagged at Uber.  This one is a favorite designer of mine, Fashionably Dead. Bell sleeves done right and if I can be a bit TMI, I think the boobs are fabulous.  I’ve paired it with a vintage necklace from Dark Mouse (the well, she is deep) and some great hair from Doe that I snagged at Chapter Four and have been waiting for the right look!  The heels / boots that go all the way up to there, with the fantastic detailed crossed laces from Phedora complete the look.  As always, you can see all my pictures on Flickr, and the outfit credits & slurls are below the cut! Continue reading “fell into fairie”


I spent so much Linden at Uber this month that it’s kinda scary.  I love love love the theme, it appeals to me on so many levels. So the next few blog posts will be my scores at Uber!  First up is…Just Because.  This dress.  OMG!  I sort of wanted the fatpack exclusive dresses, but alas by the time I reached this dress, I was scary over budget LOL.  So I chose the color that appealed to me this most, this lovely orange and black combo.  I paired it with this fabulous hair from Mina, and the new Ingenue boots which I’ve not taken off my av’s feet in days now.  Jewelry is vintage Dark Mouse, some hoop earrings and a bakelite bracelet (of course).   I’m telling you, get your ass to Uber.  Oh and I also purchased the Trompe mid century modern house, but I don’t even KNOW if it will fit on my land.  GO NOW!  As always, you’ll find all my pics on Flickr, and the full outfit credits and slurls are after the cut.

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Mouse is Casual


So, even though I like to dress her up, Mouse is almost always casual when she’s just hanging about in SL.  Or shopping.  Sometimes I shop in shorts, a t-shirt and bare feet.  I found some great casual things.  The fantastic cross sided leggings from Lazybones, the great sweater and jacket from ISON and boots that will be worn again from Ingenue.  The hair is Doux, and you need to go check them out, because they are doing some fabulous things.  I tried to decide what it is I like about the hair, and I think it’s that they somehow managed to connect the cartoonish-ness of SL with almost real looking hair…. Well that’s my take anyways.  Lastly, I changed out my eyes for this pic, as there are new ones out from Banana Banshee that I find just lovely, so go check them out! As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr.  Full outfit credits are below the cut.

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Mouse in NY


I’m always searching for the perfect skybox, but honestly, the perfect skybox is one that is so low prim that it allows me to decorate with abandon with my little plot of land.  So here’s my skybox.  I’ve redecorated a bit.  There is a very good chance I will  move into a new one and redecorate in the next month or so…..That’s just me.  I find the perfect skybox at least once a month.  The light coming thru the windows is that late afternoon type, that just catches you off guard.  Mouse is wearing a classic outfit from NYU, a pleated skirt and gorgeous top with a chain detail at the top.  Hair from Doux and shoes a bit outside the ordinary to liven the whole thing up from Livalle.  As always, all my photos can be found on Flickr, and outfit credits and slurls are after the cut. Continue reading “Mouse in NY”

Flex On Fire


Yep, this outfit is on fire!  Rebel Hope strikes again!  This dress is elegant, fun…perfect! It fits perfect too.  Mouse looks fantastic!  HELL she feels fantastic.  Go get this one, don’t miss out!  I paired it with a sleek ponytail from Wasabi pills…the ponytail is flex….FLEX PEOPLE!  The young whipper snappers don’t even know what that is!  Jewelry from the always fantastic Yummy and shoes from Reign round out the look.  You can see all my pics on Flickr.  Full outfit credits and SLURLs after the cut.

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Hiking in the hills w/Mouse


Well this is a cute warm sweater, so I took it and Mouse for a quick hike in a fun northern CA town on a crisp late winter day.  The sweater is from Miss Chelsea! I paired it with some cute new hair from pritty (scored on the greyscale pack at Chapter Four) and trusty corduroys from Paper Arrow and skips by Reign.

As always, you can find all my pics on Flickr, and the credits for this outfit are after the cut!

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