Hair Fair – COLD!

So this year, I’m a bit late to Hair Fair which ends on July 16.  I don’t know if I was avoiding it, or trying to decide what on earth to do, that would be different in any way then any other blogger.  So I thought, I know!  I’ll do Hair Fair cold.  I’ll just wander around, w/o a plan, and see what really catches my eye.  Here’s the landmark, so you can do the same.  So that’s what you see here…Hair Fair COLD!   These are my picks for the things I like and you can pick them all up at Hair Fair!  I’ll try to let you know why I liked them.  Here we go.  Oh and I also spammed my Flickr feed with the photos….love you bye, gotta go! ;-).

Style 1 that caught my eye! This style is just cool.  “CHEVEUX: M111 Hair” I like short hair that shows the ears, and I’d pair this with some fantastic and busy earrings….I like the shaved head side, but it also feels…romantic.  It creates an illusion of movement.

Style 2 that caught my eye during my meanderings.  “Phoenix::: Linda Hair.” Ok I confess that I had a bit of trouble with this hair at first, and I fussed with the sizing. But once I got it…vava voom!  I also don’t usually go for super long hair.  But the design seem realistic to me, and very wearable.  Then I realized it had an ombre color with lime green.  SOLD!   Great style.

Style 3 that I did a double take on from across the sim after I got hopelessly lost. “Adoness: Fulla” is a fantastic look.  It’s sooooo…Lagertha!  One of my favorite characters from Vikings and well all women in general. This style is a fantastic look, in addition to being meticulously crafted.  Look at the detail on the side bit.  Fantastic.  Also – heads up!  this hair may not fit everyone, and you MAY have to edit it yourself to fit.  My GOD what?  Haha, I’m an old hand at fitting stuff in SL, so I was not deterred (I used to create tiny prims for a living in SL).  Read the note card it helps!

Style 4.  I like bows.  It’s a thing with me.  I really adore this style “Blues Olivia” and will no doubt pair it with something casual and fun.  While I really like the bows the other thing that drew me to this style?  The detail and non perfection of the bangs.  Aren’t we all just a wee bit tired of perfection?  Great bangs on this one!

Style 5 This style was such a surprise to me.  “Stealthic – Persephone” has an interesting design.  I tend to be attracted to styles that rest on one shoulder, I like the look.  This is fantastic.  Quick tip…remove your hair base.  It comes with one, and when you first see your hair base peaking thru, you’ll think there’s something wrong with it!  Okay so now here’s the fantastic thing.  This hair is 4 styles in one!  You can change the placement of the ponytail to either side or to the back!  4 styles for the price of one.  A steal….

Style 6 reveals my love for absolutely straight hair.  It’s not super long, so it won’t screw with your outfits.  But what really makes this special?  It’s a revelation from the side.  The fall of the hair from the side is inspired and oh so well done.  “Opale . Hilton Hair” Love this style and the whole look.  Please ignore the weird artifact lighting on the long picture…no idea what happened there lol, and no time to take another!

Finally, Style 7.  Another short hair from “Tableau Vivant Mallongaj.”  I do love short hair styles.  I like this hair because the interest and movement of the style.  It’s fun and artfully done.  I went with the ombre color because I like ombre colors!  This hair would look great with a bodycon dress and some big fat hoop earrings.  Wait.  I forgot the earrings.  I am a busy Mouse.

And with that I give you, Hair Fair.  Go, now, wander, have fun and spend some lindens for a good cause.  If you like the individual designers, I included the slurls to their main stores in the descriptive text!

Outfit Credits & Slurls
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana”
Eyebrows – .::Nanika::. “Eyebrow Rita”
Eyes – Banana Banshee “Hely”
Dress – TETRA – Miaa Dress (FLF Special)
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink “Physique”
Poses – Kirin Poses “Various”


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