Focus on Eyebrows: Oh Mouse, what should I buy?


So I’d like to continue doing posts on comparing various products, and want to talk about another of my obsessions in SL.  The eyebrow.  I love eyebrow appliers, and I’m quite picky about the eyebrows Mouse wears.  In this post I’ll show you pictures of eyebrows I find quite pleasing, and also, talk about what I’d love to see a bit more from designers.  I’ve photographed Mouse in the same shot, using CAL windlight, with 8 different brows.  Please note that some are demos, and some are ones that I already own.  You be the judge!  If you do like what you see, I’ve put the SLURL to the store where you can purchase these brows in the caption on each picture. On a secondary note, I’d like to draw your attention to a NEW TO ME store, Matt & Gloss.  They make MESSY eyelashes.  I love these so much, because essentially, our SL avatars are already perfect and need no help.  Subtle differences brought to a face by the presence of something not quite right can make for a more unique avatar in a sea of stunning.  Ready?  Here we go!  Oh and once again,  I’m in my skybox.  I think I need a new skybox oh god.  That’s a whole other post.

First off – here are the brows that I OWN.

So the first brow is by League.  My go to eyebrow, the one I use most often.  It looks more natural, and is SLIGHTLY irregular.  I want this.  I could wish these brows were heavier. Second brow is Odeco and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why I bought them.  I’m wearing the black but they are too light for me.  I rarely wear these brows, but I can see applications for them to create a unique avatar.  Third set on bottom is Buzzeri.  These are my second go to brows.  I wear these when I want a heavier brow, although I will say…they are too perfect hehehe.    Set number 4 is Nikika, and I JUST bought these.  I love them.  They have the heaviness I love, and they are not perfect.  I think these will probably become my go to.

Second – Demos!

So first set of brows, top left is okkbye.  I should buy these brows.  I love the heaviness and they are not perfect.  There is a good chance I’ll go and buy these!  So the second and third brow sets are by Just Magnetized.  I like both these brows, but they are too perfect for me.  I will however point out a subtle difference in the third set.  Note how the brows start inside the outer edge of the bridge of the nose.  Very Frida Kahlo.  I like this in a brow, and think it would make a nice option.  Someone make this.  Last are brows by Alaska Metropolitan.  OnFleek and they certainly are.  These brows are elegant.  I actually think that if I had a Lelutka head, these brows would work better.   Lelutka features seem sharper to me, and these feel sharp.

So go out and shop for new eyebrows.  Eyebrows can create a subtle distinctive look for your avatar.  I’d love to see messier, bushier, brows, in a variety of shapes.  We need a whole store devoted to eyebrows (OH AND TIGHTS).  Make it so.

Oh and if you’re new to eyebrows, these are an applier on a Catwa head.  So you need…a Catwa head (or any head really), a skin that has a ‘no brows’ option, and the ability to point and click once you put the HUD on!  I’m really done now.


4 thoughts on “Focus on Eyebrows: Oh Mouse, what should I buy?

  1. I raced in to check out the Matt & Gloss store…..only to be disappointed once again about the lack of LeLutka.
    But thanks for the info anyways 🙂

  2. So I visited the store, and my impression was that it was small and new. So the designer can be forgiven for not having Lelutka. Perhaps with encouragement, they will start creating for them too!

  3. I hope so ….the creator has found a niche in the market, and does excellent work from what I could see.
    Matt & Gloss is certainly going to be a name I keep in my sights from now on.

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