Skin Fair (Part Deux) – Octavia Sim

So, I finally made my way to the Octavia Sim, and after a bit of a tussle with my LETMEIN Hud, I managed to get it.  That’s right it’s still packed at the skin fair!  So what are my thoughts here?  Oh oh!  Rules: No shape change, must fit Catwa head, all demos, only skins that appeal to me, static pose, CALWL in Firestorm, photos not retouched!  Oh also I should let you all know, I counted and have tried on 15 different skins from skin fair.  I eliminated some right off the bat, as not working for me, but for Octavia Sim, I actually decided to cut out 2 that I LIKED, but I didn’t want to overwhelm with the post.  The two I eliminated were not working for me from a ‘tone’ perspective, but they were both lovely skins.


Where in the world is Mouse?  I’ll tell you right off, I’m in my fabulous skybox that I decorated after Hethr suggested it looked a little sad.


See! No longer sad!  I only have 192 LI.   I really should get a bit more land if I’m gonna keep at this!

So obviously, all these skins appeal to me.  I’ve discovered though that it really helps to take pictures and put them all side by side!  EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS!  So the first skin, Imabee Danae is simply lovely, but the mouth is not quite me.  Amara Antonia (ignore that I have two sets of eyebrows PLEASE!) is also close to perfection for me, but again the mouth is not me.  Onto Essences.  I have always loved this brand, but I never can settle on a skin I like from them.  This is damn close.  Finally, the winner for me.  YS&YS Cherry.  I love love love this skin.  I like the way the shading squares my jaw more.  The softness of the skin, the tone of pale…all me, I might buy this skin.  MIGHT, I dunno.  I rarely change skins, just cause I get used to looking like me!  But I think with a bit of tweaking, this would look like me too. Well be sure to visit skin fair, there are tons of skins for every taste.  Here’s a quick link to get there!


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