Skin Fair – Day One, Chanterelle Sim

So I love new skins as much as the next person, but I do tend to lean towards a single skin, and typically stick with it for a while.  My current love affair is with Lara Hurley.  But it’s skin fair time, so I thought I’d let you know the ones that I prefer.  First off, the rules. I did not change or tweak my shape and I only tried skins that are made for my Catwa head.  Typically when I change to a new skin, I tweak a bit to suit the skin.  Second, I did not BUY any of these skins, so there are demo marks.  Always Always Always demo a skin.  Third, I tried a lot of skins.  I’m showing you the ones I prefer.  Typically, that’s going to be a pale skin, heavy brow and a ‘softer’ appearance.  I’m in a static pose, using CALWL  in Firestorm, photos are not retouched.  Last bit…I was on the Chanterelle sim side of skin fair.  I’ll get to the other side in a few days.  Okay?  here we go!

So who’s the winner here?  Take a look after the cut! OH and heck, if you wondering where Mouse is (I did promise) I’m in the skybox!!!!

Well honestly, I find elements of each that I really like. Belleza is just a overall lovely skin. The Lumae is stunning, and the eyebrows are on fleet. DeeTaleZ is really soft, my preferred look sooooo. That leaves me with the Skinnery. There’s a quirkiness to this skin that appeals to me. I could honestly wear ANY of these skins and probably be pretty comfortable.

Lumae - Ella (Milk)
Lumae – Ella (Milk)

But I would probably BUY the Lumae. It’s got a perfection, and luminosity of color and tone that is to my taste. So there you have it…Day one of Skin Fair. Will I buy a new skin? Not sure. Maybe…and tomorrow is another day. I recommend you visit Skin Fair, when you get a chance!


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