Waiting for my yacht…


Just hanging out on my dock, waiting for my yacht to arrive.  Dressed for occasion naturally…Wearing an Elikatira exclusive ombre hair (big sale at Elikatira btw, $75L hair packs, although this hair was an FLF special….), my own jewelry, still available on MP, and a lovely slinky dress by Tetra.  In the background the still gorgeous Bluebell Cottage by Dustbunny.  Loving it all.  As always, outfit credits are below the cut, and the full series can be found on my Flickr!

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just hanging with the pup.


So sometimes my neighbors come and hang out.  I recently cleared my land completely and redesigned using the Bluebell Cottage, Manor and Lighthouse from DustBunny.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and just finished decorating the bedroom when a friend dropped in.  So I snapped a few pics.  Most of the stuff in the photos is from the latest round of Arcade.  The top is a gloriously designed piece of perfect from Just Because. The hair is from the ever lovely Elikatira.  OH and for the 8 people that read my blog, the necklace is free on the lucky board in my wee shop.  These photos can also be found on my flickr.  As always, credits are below the pics.

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