Oh Taber, my Taber…


I have always lived in the beta sims, except for a short stint (I think) in Amira. I used to own quite a bit of Taber, and my old land is now owned by an old friend of mine in SL. I missed it so I flew over there to take a look and see what’s he’s been doing with it. Taber is right next to the Natoma sim, which houses the Ivory Tower of Prims. In Taber itself, you’ll find many objects that were created within the first year of Second Life’s existence. Kind of cool, the original windmill, the Fairchild park, and other cool objects. I like the historical significance of the area, and while it might seem really old school, it reminds me of the excitement of the old days. Of course, I’m wearing a few new things. I rarely change my skin, but I’m rockin Glam Affairs FLF special from this past Friday.  A great dress from Fishy Strawberry, new hair courtesy of Hair Fair, and some great Pure Poison sandals. Full credits below the pics, check out the whole series of pics on my flickr.



Outfit Credits
Hair – Wasabi Pills –  Saffron
Skin – Glam Affair – Summer Girl (FLF Special)
Eyebrows – Buzzeri – Talia Brow
Eye Lashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (vintage)
Eyes – Shine Pewter
Jewelry – Dark Mouse – Vintage Thrift
Dress – Fishy Strawberry – Nuria Dress (Kustom9)
Shoes – Pure Poison – Chloe Sandals
Hands & Feet – Slink Casual Hands & Flat Feet
Poses – Adorkable – Variety

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