The Mouse Chronicles…Volume I

After a long hard day at the Mall, Mouse finds herself dropped in ANOTHER DIMENSION!  What’s a fashionable slayer to do?




To be continued….

Outfit Credits

Hair – Elikatira “Break”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Lashes – petticoat lane “doe eyed” (vintage)

Eye Makeup – cheLLe “Adele”

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer “Gold Cross”

Shirt & Jacket – Fashionably Dead “Leather Jacket & Tucked Racer Tank”

Pants – Ricielli – “High-waisted Riding Leather Pants”

Shoes – Fatewear  “Ziggy Chucks”

Weapon – Mr. Pointy (vintage)

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Flat Feet”

NOTE: The Mouse Chronicles may or may not continue!  Also a shout out to all my fellow Buffy fans, the outfit is definitely based on the outfit that Buffy wore when she went to KILL Faith for her slayer’s blood to save her beloved Angel!


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