So Shiny!

I’ve been shopping around a bit and the thing I can’t find is white jeans and capri’s. Do I really WANT capri’s? I’m not sure! That’s not what’s happening here though. I saw this fringe jacket and had to have. I love leather jackets, and I ALMOST bought the blue one. But my innate practicality asserted itself and said, get the black, you can wear it with more. And so, here I am, simply dressed! Credits below the pic.




Outfit Credits:

Hair – Magika  “Cardigan”

Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural”

Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow”

Eye Makeup – Buzz “Nyx Eyeshadow”

Eye Lashes – La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (vintage)

Eyes – Shine “Pewter”

Jewelry – Dark Mouse “Blue Meanie” (vintage)

Tattoo – Silent Sparrow “hart.thistle&thorn”

Jacket & Tank – COCO “Fringe Jacket Black”

Jeans – Maitreya “Flare Jeans”

Purse – Just Design “Cassandra Leo”

Shoes – Essenz “Geneva”

Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Mid-High Feet”

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