Dark Mouse is Cursed and Project Themeory

Hello out there! I have a new release and I have to reveal how much of a nerd I really am at the exact same time! YAY! First let’s talk about my nerdiness. So, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all the book numerous times, and seen all the movies at leastContinue reading “Dark Mouse is Cursed and Project Themeory”

Is it winter white time yet?

So I’ve been working on a little project for the past few weeks, and I’m really excited about it, so keeping mum is hard. But it’s awesome and I really like the project I just completed. I’ll be releasing it this weekend, so keep your eyes on this blog! I’m at loose ends tonite, andContinue reading “Is it winter white time yet?”

Walking round & about & Into the Woods

Good morning! I took some pics last night just having fun. I put together a bunch of newish items out from designers of late, and lo and behold it all worked just fine! I’m using Luna Jubilee’s windlight settings (awesome sauce) for shadows! The dress is from Haute Monde, a store I’m becoming fond of,Continue reading “Walking round & about & Into the Woods”

Dark Mouse in Moody Mondays!

Hi there, I have my item for Moody Mondays out a bit early because I’m doing RL things this afternoon! I hope you like, earrings to match my Into the Woods bracelet and necklace from last week. I hope you like! After the event, I’ll have these out as a full set in the store!Continue reading “Dark Mouse in Moody Mondays!”