SALE at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Hi there – I am having a sale at the store, I’ve marked down numerous sets of jewelry – a single set is now $50L, and the fullset or fatpack is $100L. This is a great opportunity to pick up some great pieces at bargain prices! All the sale items are in the small shop behind the main store, just walk out the back door of the store and you’ll find it along the path to your left. In addition to the sale, all my GATCHA items are now out in the store – there’s a winner everytime! Here’s a small sampling of pic of the items out for sale now! And as always, there’s some great stuff in the Lucky Chair, and the Wear & Win Vendor! Last but not least, all my new items from the Jewelry Fair are now out in the store and everything is posted on marketplace! Here’s a teleport directly to the Dark Mouse store.


One thought on “SALE at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

  1. yay! \o/
    i absolutely LOVE your stuff! it’s near to impossible to find great looking jewelry with good old fashion mod permissions, and i was so happy to find your stuff. much love for that! ❤
    i am so picking up some more! \o/ ❤ !

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