SALE at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Hi there – I am having a sale at the store, I’ve marked down numerous sets of jewelry – a single set is now $50L, and the fullset or fatpack is $100L. This is a great opportunity to pick up some great pieces at bargain prices! All the sale items are in the small shopContinue reading “SALE at Dark Mouse Jewelry!”

Dark Mouse for Project Themeory

Hi! I’m participating in Project Themeory this week, and I hope you’ll stop by my shop and take a look. The theme was, “Oh Deer,” so I went with that and decided that a vintage enamel bracelet would be nice. This is sort of costume jewelry that you would find in a thrift store. ThereContinue reading “Dark Mouse for Project Themeory”

Rever en Blanc

I don’t really speak French. Actually I suck at it entirely, having learned after struggling thru 4 years of French in high school, that I don’t have an ear for languages. Which is sad really, because in my RL household, my hubby speaks 5 languages, and my kids each speak 3. Embarrassing, really! So IContinue reading “Rever en Blanc”

Dark Mouse at Jewelry Fair 2011!

YAY! Finally – it’s Jewelry Fair time! I have several new releases all of them available at the fair. I also have several items set out in my booth for which 50% of the profits will go to OXFAM International the charity chosen by the organizers of the show. Last but not least, there’s aContinue reading “Dark Mouse at Jewelry Fair 2011!”

Dark Mouse for the Witch Hunt

I’m in the Witch Hunt which starts on September 15 (midnight tonight)! If you teleport to the Dark Mouse main store, you can gander around for a Witch hat, and if you click on the hat (when you find it!) you will get a lovely little prize from me! The hunt item is $10L. IContinue reading “Dark Mouse for the Witch Hunt”

Just rolling along here, somehow.

So, back on the blogging trail…So this outfit combines a bunch of ideas that comprise my favorite things. I love nude/beiges/ecru colors. So I’m naturally drawn to them. I also like anything that has a Boho flair, so this new top from League naturally caught my eye. It also has the kind of neckline thatContinue reading “Just rolling along here, somehow.”

Crystal Gazing and Whirling Dervishes

“I have been crystal-gazing, Headmaster,’ said Professor Trelawney, in her mistiest, most faraway voice, ‘and to my astonishment, I saw myself abandoning my solitary luncheon and coming to join you. Who am I to refuse the prompting of fate?” And on that note, I found myself feeling the need to blog, and who am IContinue reading “Crystal Gazing and Whirling Dervishes”

Dark Mouse for Moody Mondays!

Hi there, I’m in full prep mode for the upcoming jewelry fair, but taking a few minutes to participate in Moody Mondays this week. I have out a beautiful bracelets and earrings set called Crystal Cuffs..and the stones in the earrings and bracelet are color change, so you can coordinate. It’s like getting 8 setsContinue reading “Dark Mouse for Moody Mondays!”