Dark Mouse is downright moody.

That’s right, I’m a part of Moody Mondays this week! And, I have a new hair style for you, and lovely daisy necklace for you. The hair is $55L per color pack for Moody Mondays, the daisy is just a bit of fun and matches well with a gorgeous new outfit from Miao, which youContinue reading “Dark Mouse is downright moody.”

Dark Mouse Spring & Summer New Releases!

Hello my friends – I’ve decided to do a bunch of new releases for spring and summer – I have some lovely new stuff! I have the Anzac set, the Aisling set and the Steeplechase pearls set for you, which you may have seen bits and pieces of at various events, but now the fullContinue reading “Dark Mouse Spring & Summer New Releases!”

Dark Mouse Disco Deals!

Hi there, it’s that time AGAIN! I’m participating in Disco Deals while at the same time preparing to do a major spring/summer release of new stuff. Be on the lookout and in the meantime, click this link to visit my stand at Shopping Cart Disco’s Disco Deals Bazaar! My contribution is the lovely Belle EpoqueContinue reading “Dark Mouse Disco Deals!”