Steeplechase Pearls for Moody Monday

Hi there – I have a new release, the Steeplechase Pearls! I’m offering the pearl set in silver for only $55L just for Moody Mondays. So check them out and stop by at Dark Mouse today. Here’s your taxi!


Just Peachy

Just enjoying a few things I picked up with Moody Mondays – fabulous event, fabulous group of designers – I’m honored to be a part of it. I picked the gorgeous dress from Perse. I love the design, I like the way the neckline dips ever so slightly on one side, I really like the sheen of silk. I also like the shoes I paired with it. They are CRUSHED VELVET PUMPS from Vox, love them and see some wonderful things from this designer. I paired the dress and shoes with the new hair (Palomma) and jewelry (Dove) that is available for free at the FREE DOVE! YAY! See my last post for details. Yes you have to dig through a bit of 2006 to find them but I really like the Free Dove and always will, I think we’ll see a refreshing rebirth soon. The skin I’m wearing is my latest love, Pout from Curio. The poses are from Status! I would love to show you all things that were available for Moody Mondays, including my own contribution, but well I can only get it together to blog so much! I wish I had more time in the day. Outfit credits are below!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Palomma (Brown5) – Dark Mouse for the Free Dove

Skin – Petal Light Pout-Whine 2 – Curio

Lip Layer – Elusive Lip Orange – Tuli

Eyes – Monet Pewter – Shine

Eyelashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes (No Longer Available)

Jewelry – Dove Bangles & Earrings Set – Dark Mouse for the Free Dove

Dress – Kharen (Peach Sherbert) – Perse

Stockings – Lace top stockings – Blowpop

Shoes – Rome Crushed Velvet Pumps (Oyster) – Vox

Poses – A variety from Status

The Free Dove

I’m an oldbie. Just letting ya know that I’ve been around in SL since 2006, and I think its probably about time to accept my oldbieness.. I know I am because there are people in SL who have NEVER heard of the Free Dove. Back in the day, the Free Dove was the place to get your look on. A large collection of FREE jewelry, hair, skin, and clothing can be found there. There were other places (the Gnubie Store comes to mind), but the first place I went, and sent my newly made friends for ‘stuff’ was the Free Dove. The Free Dove is run by Palomma Casanova – and with the demise of the Gnubie store, needs a big refresh! Because I remember, and remember fondly, my visits there, I’ve decided to help out at the store (which still gets A LOT of traffic) by donating two items, exclusive to the Free Dove! I have out there a new bangles and earrings set, I’m calling Dove. I’ll also have a new hair style out – Palomma. If you’re a designer in Second Life, and can remember when, I urge you to donate a new and exclusive item to the newbie store. If you are a MAJOR hair or skin designer, I urge you to donate hair and skin – since I’m certainly not the best, and the selection of hair there currently was lovely back in the day, but now needs a bit of upgrade. If you’re interested in donating, drop a notecard on Palomma Casanova. Here is a teleport to the Free Dove, these items are available for free there right now.