Sadly, another event for a disaster, what you can do to help – plus, a special offer from me.

Sadly, there is another disaster to contemplate, another disaster to send your prayers, thoughts, and if you can, your assistance. There was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan on Friday, and they are just now seeing the scope of the devastation. People lives have been lost, and the survivors will need all our help. I’m participating in a the Pacific Crisis fundraiser, an event to raise what will be much needed dollars to help out those affected by the earthquake in Japan. Go, donate. Here’s a picture of the jewelry I will be offering as a donation sale. It’s call the Anzac set, available in gold, silver or copper. Click this link to teleport to the event. ALSO – if you make just a donation to the donation box available at my main store on the Amira sim, I plan to DOUBLE the amount. At the moment, there is 5300 linden in the box (A very lovely person made a big donation). So if you’d like to make a donation that way, please drop by. You have till the end of the event (April 10) to donate! Here’s a direct slurl to my store if you’d like to donate that way.

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