Hump Day Happiness, Sale & Exclusive Group Gift @Dark Mouse

I missed the last couple of weeks of hump day, but will have an entry this week. I hope you enjoy – my thrift store bangles, kind of like the things you’d find in an old tray of jewelry (my personal favorite kind of thing). These bracelets will eventually be part of a full set – but I think they are pretty cute and hope you will enjoy. Only $69L for Hump Day Happiness at Dark Mouse – Here’s a teleport directly to the store. And be sure to check out the lovely merchandise from the other Hump Day merchants! OH and you can now get the run down of Hump Day participants – with pics on the SCD blog! Also – if you have not noticed yet – I’m in the process of rebuilding my store – which means I need to clear out some older stuff – there are full sets at only $50L and fatpacks of stuff at only $100L. All my bags are on clearance for $25L. Last but not least – I hope you’re in my Dark Mouse VIP inworld group. I’ve just sent out the loveliest group gift – exclusive for Dark Mouse group members only. The sweet hanging rose necklace will never be for sale. Enjoy!

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