It’s Disco Deals/Group Gift/Gatcha time at Dark Mouse!

Hi my friends, I am participating in Disco Deals this month, and I encourage you to stop by and check out all the bargains from some really great designers! I will be releasing my ‘statement’ rings for the event, at the special ‘event’ low price of $99L for all three rings. Don’t miss it! Here’sContinue reading “It’s Disco Deals/Group Gift/Gatcha time at Dark Mouse!”

Dark Mouse VIP!

I’ve been a shopping fool of late – and keep finding really lovely stuff – there’s so much out there now! I found a lovely skirt at the “Help Japan” event to benefit Japan, some wonderful shoes on sale at Ingenue, and a great top from Whippet & Buck for FLF. The flower hat isContinue reading “Dark Mouse VIP!”

Feeling pretty

I have an entire folder in my inventory called ‘new clothes’ and it’s where I stash stuff till I actually wear it, then I file it in the gadzillion folders I have for clothes. The folder is huge at the moment. I have been buying for weeks and then wearing the same thing for daysContinue reading “Feeling pretty”

New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair

I have some new releases that you may like, a new set called, “Vintage Thrift Store” because the style reminds me of something you might find rummaging around in a bin at the Thrift store. Two new bangles & earrings sets! First off – the “Delicate Drama” set and then the, “Black & White Revisited”Continue reading “New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair”

Just a bit of Fashion for Life

I know I’ve not been ‘blogging’ proper of late. I really do like to but time gets away from me, and I’m usually focused on building stuff and then I forget and all the new things I buy on a whim in my inventory pile up and I feel overwhelmed by all the things IContinue reading “Just a bit of Fashion for Life”

Sadly, another event for a disaster, what you can do to help – plus, a special offer from me.

Sadly, there is another disaster to contemplate, another disaster to send your prayers, thoughts, and if you can, your assistance. There was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan on Friday, and they are just now seeing the scope of the devastation. People lives have been lost, and the survivors will need all our help. I’m participatingContinue reading “Sadly, another event for a disaster, what you can do to help – plus, a special offer from me.”

Hump Day! Visit Dark Mouse for $69L Happiness!

Oh yes, in order to get you to come and look at my new store, I’m offering this tantalizing special for Hump Day Happiness! My own bangles I’m calling, Black & White Revisited, with matching earrings. Only $69L. You can’t beat this deal with a stick. Well you could, but then things would get messy!Continue reading “Hump Day! Visit Dark Mouse for $69L Happiness!”

Dark Mouse at Fashion for Life!

Hi there, I’ll be participating in RFL’s Fashion for Life event – and will be releasing a new set that I’m rather proud of for the event. It’s called ‘In Black & White” actually I like working in black and white tones, it really sings to me somehow. I hope that everyone likes it, goesContinue reading “Dark Mouse at Fashion for Life!”

Dark Mouse Hair at Disco Deals!

Hi my friends – I have hair for this months Disco Deals, I do hope you like it. I have Emma and Emma 2.0 – demo’s available. Please stop by Disco Deals this month and check out all the great vendors! You can check out all the vendors on the SCD blog, they will beContinue reading “Dark Mouse Hair at Disco Deals!”

Hump Day Happiness, Sale & Exclusive Group Gift @Dark Mouse

I missed the last couple of weeks of hump day, but will have an entry this week. I hope you enjoy – my thrift store bangles, kind of like the things you’d find in an old tray of jewelry (my personal favorite kind of thing). These bracelets will eventually be part of a full setContinue reading “Hump Day Happiness, Sale & Exclusive Group Gift @Dark Mouse”