Dark Mouse Exclusive for Chic Limited!

I was invited to participate in Keira Seerose’s Chic Limited event, that features exclusive products by a variety of Second Life Creators. Chic Limited February runs from February 12 to sometime in the future that I can’t recall at the moment, so stop by soon. The theme was, “anti -valentine.” Now in my mind there is nothing more anti-valentine then diamonds – especially drop dead ones. If your valentine is not behaving, say it with, “Drop Dead Diamonds” by Dark Mouse (comes in gold, silver and copper). Here’s a teleport the the Chic Limited event!


What? It’s Hump Day, yet again and there’s a SALE at Dark Mouse!

I have the cutest pair of earrings out for hump day, I hope you like them, only $69L, starting 12:00 a.m. Wednesday! Well actually they are out NOW! Also – I’m having a close-out sale of older merchandise (must clear space!). Fat packs are $100l and sets are as low at $50L. Can’t beat that with a stick ;-). Here’s a teleport!

Cat and Mouse

More lovely stuff to show off today. I was trying on this adorable Nichole Onyx skirt from Miao and the Ruby Lourdes top that came with it and thought, I look like the receptionist who has unknown depths you know nothing of!

Other items on display here – my own new Betty 2.0 hair and Jayne Cateye Glasses (love those flourishes in the corners!). I’m wearing a new Dutch Touch skin that I have great love for at the moment, and the Arcada pumps that just don’t get enough attention from Shiny Things. Jewelry is my own, 50’s vintage pearls and diamonds. Here’s a teleport to the Disco Deals Bazaar where you can pick up the skirt and top – AND RUN today’s the last day! Poses are from the ever fabulous Gidge and Gesticulate!

Moody post is moody.

So I did release a new set that is currently out for Disco Deals – and also picked up some gorgeous stuff for myself! I think right now I’m just in love with anything from Sn@tch as I find myself usually wearing outfits from there, and/or building around the great necklines. At Disco Deals RIGHT NOW – is the stunning Avril lingerie. I like this because it’s just so vintage. Classically so. I paired it with the decidedly non-vintage GOS Dare Boots also currently at the DD Bazaar. I’m wearing my own new Jenny 2.0 hair in brown 5, and the In the Mood set on sale at DD. It’s a DD sort of day, for me! The skin I’m wearing is LAQ Mima 02 in Milky tone, my new favorite eyes from Illusory and my old faithful eyelashes from La Syphilde, but sadly no longer available. Here’s a teleport to SCD’s Disco Deals where you can purchase these items!

Dark Mouse for Disco Deals!

Hi all, yes it’s that time, Disco Deals time – and the designer line up is sooooo awesome! I invite you to come to the Bazaar and check out the awesome bargains available! This month’s line up includes – Clique, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair, Gesticulate!, GOS, Karizmatik Modern, Miao, Riddle, Sn@tch, Somnia and sur+! I will have a lovely necklace and earring set available in gold, silver or copper – I’m calling it, In the mood! Why? Because you can share your mood with others! The heart color changes to, “cold, sweet, pure, revenge and hot.” I hope you like! Here’s a teleport to the Disco Deals Bazaar!

Sweet Hethr – Visit Dark Mouse for a little Hump Day Happiness!

Hello my friends, I am again participating in Hump Day Happiness this week! Please stop by my store to pick up a lovely tidbit, the Sweet Hethr necklace, a combination of pearls, hearts, bows and pink. You need this! Here’s a tp to the store. And be sure to visit all the participating vendors of Hump Day Happiness, and get a preview of the weekly items on the Shopping Cart Disco Blog!