Dark Mouse Hair – The Odyssey Continues!

Sometimes I think that I don’t tell people enough about building in SL. What it’s like – to be able to envision something, take a few simple blocks, and put them together to create something that comes out of my head. It is for me, I think, the sole reason I remain in SL. Well that and my friends. I have a few friends in SL that chat with me while I’m focused on building. These are friends who know that I may be silent in chat for long periods of time lol. I love them all very much. SL for me has always been about creating and learning. Typically the items that you see on the virtual shelves of my store, are things that are born out of a crazy idea or experiment. I rarely build something for the sake of having an item to sell. It just ends that way. Then there is the process of trying to come up with an equally creative ad and packaging for the item. But the truth is that I’m continually experimenting and learning how to do stuff. I’ve been working on making sculpts – in general – for my various projects – and let me tell you, when you are a slow burn, it takes time to get the hang of things! It always takes me longer than most. I’m self taught in photoshop, blender, sculpty paint and pretty much all the software programs I’ve ever used.

This week I felt like I wanted to just leave SL and never return. Why do I bother creating? Why does anyone? Then I realized it because I feel compelled to. I feel compelled to continually improve and perfect, it gives me satisfaction to do so, and if it takes me longer than most people well then that’s too fucking bad. I’ll just keep doing what I do. I hope you do the same.

Anywho, I have been working hard, not only on glasses, but on hair too. I’ll also be participating in several upcoming events – CHIC Limited (February), Fashion for Life, Culture Shock, Hump Day Happiness and of course, Disco Deals. I really like my new styles, I realize that they may not be as ‘cool’ as stuff coming out from other designers, but they are mine, I slaved over them, so I will be proud of them. I hope that you enjoy them too!

I have 4 new styles – Betty, Betty 2.0, Jenny, Jenny 2.0. A wee bit retro and fun. All hair is $200L for a color pack, $250 for the variety pack and $500L for the fatpack. Stop by the store to try on a free demo! Also if you’re not in my in-world group – JOIN! I have a group, called Dark Mouse VIP, so if you’re looking to use up your new groups, join mine! And I want to just put a special thank you to Sienia in here, because she really cheered me up today, though I’m sure she didn’t realize it!


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