Dark Mouse Hair – The Odyssey Continues!

Sometimes I think that I don’t tell people enough about building in SL. What it’s like – to be able to envision something, take a few simple blocks, and put them together to create something that comes out of my head. It is for me, I think, the sole reason I remain in SL. WellContinue reading “Dark Mouse Hair – The Odyssey Continues!”

More glasses releases at Dark Mouse!

So I have two more sets of glasses to release – Twiggy and Jayne. The Twiggy glasses are round framed and the Jayne is yet another take on cat-eye glasses, with sort of an elegant embellishment. Both glasses are color change and come with three attachment points for versatility. I hope you like both setsContinue reading “More glasses releases at Dark Mouse!”

Hump Day Happiness! Marilyn!

Hi there, I’m participating in Hump Day this week (yes, yes, I KNOW it’s been a while, I’ve been crazy busy!). I’m releasing a new pair of sunglasses that will be ONLY $69L for the duration of Hump Day. Then they will go back up to regular price. I’m calling the new glasses Marilyn, andContinue reading “Hump Day Happiness! Marilyn!”


Hahahaahahahahah It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to, do what I want tooooo…So I FINALLY have shadows working, in some fashion, on my laptop! I have a macbook pro with an nvidia card, if you’re wondering. I’m using Kirsten’s just released viewer. I tried taking some ‘good’ pictures and here’s what IContinue reading “Blurred”

Dark Mouse is at Disco Deals!

Hi there – it’s Disco Deals time and we have an awesome lineup of merchants for you! I decided to blog a few of the items on offer! Remember all Disco Deals items are $99L or less (it’s a deal!). I’m wearing my own new hair, Alyssa, a gorgeous Tuli skin (all new skins! thisContinue reading “Dark Mouse is at Disco Deals!”

A smallish new release at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair!

Hi there! I forgot to mention that I have one more new hair out, again, I hope you like! This is the Michelle style in red1. Each style comes in the 4 major hair colors groups with 5 different tones for $200L. You can purchase a variety pack for $250L. Here’s a teleport directly toContinue reading “A smallish new release at Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair!”