Soiree and Rosalie

I’ve been working on a little project with Ms. Steeplechase, where the idea was to create an dramatic look suitable for an elegant occasion, like say, NEW YEARS EVE! Kess created the most lovely dress imaginable for Miao – and I put in my 2 cents with a dramatic jewelry set that takes advantage of the lovely low backed design of the dress. The dress, Rosalie, will be a limited edition in sapphire blue (I’m wearing the black). Pearls, that I’m calling the Soiree set, of course, because when fancy is called for, I always want pearls. Pearls draped over an elegant bare back, which IMHO is subtle sexy. I also designed the hair to go with this dress, an updo I am calling, Antonia. I hope you enjoy all these pieces they are available at the Miao and Dark Mouse stores, both in Amira. The poses for the outfit are specially made by Gidge Uriza, of Gesticulate! She’s moonlighting as a pose maker! These pics were taken at the lovely Embryo sim, all dressed up for winter.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Antonia (Blond1) – Dark Mouse

Skin – (Dashing Blur – Sorry no longer available, but other gorgeous skins are) – Tres Blah

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Soiree Set – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Dress – Rosalie (Black) – Miao

Shoes – “Malama” Gold – R2 Fashion

Poses – Gesticulate!

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I am the player of a game called Second Life. It's a lot like life and it's not a can find my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair on MarketPlace ( now! I like to build stuff and shop.....a lot.

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