New Releases at Dark Mouse!

Hi there, I’ve got a few new releases. I hope you like them! Here’s a teleport to the store!


Soiree and Rosalie

I’ve been working on a little project with Ms. Steeplechase, where the idea was to create an dramatic look suitable for an elegant occasion, like say, NEW YEARS EVE! Kess created the most lovely dress imaginable for Miao – and I put in my 2 cents with a dramatic jewelry set that takes advantage of the lovely low backed design of the dress. The dress, Rosalie, will be a limited edition in sapphire blue (I’m wearing the black). Pearls, that I’m calling the Soiree set, of course, because when fancy is called for, I always want pearls. Pearls draped over an elegant bare back, which IMHO is subtle sexy. I also designed the hair to go with this dress, an updo I am calling, Antonia. I hope you enjoy all these pieces they are available at the Miao and Dark Mouse stores, both in Amira. The poses for the outfit are specially made by Gidge Uriza, of Gesticulate! She’s moonlighting as a pose maker! These pics were taken at the lovely Embryo sim, all dressed up for winter.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Antonia (Blond1) – Dark Mouse

Skin – (Dashing Blur – Sorry no longer available, but other gorgeous skins are) – Tres Blah

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Soiree Set – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Dress – Rosalie (Black) – Miao

Shoes – “Malama” Gold – R2 Fashion

Poses – Gesticulate!

Giving it another shot

Sometimes it bothers me a lot that I don’t have more time to spend on SL. Then other times I’m grateful that I don’t have more time to spend on SL. In any case, I’ve not been spending a lot of time on SL. On the evenings that I’ve been unable to log in, I was diligently working on new hair textures for my less then thriving hair business…I wanted to improve my textures for two reasons – the first being to prove to myself that I’ve learned enough about photoshop over the last 3 years to actually produce something half way decent for SL, and the second being that I was unable to build hair with the old textures because I personally hated them so very much. Crazy heh? Anywho, I’ve finalized my textures and I now have 3 new styles in my shop – I hope sincerely that you like them. You’ll find Antonia – a style I created to go with a stunning ball gown, Rosario by Miao – soon to be released as a limited edition dress with jewelry I also made. Kate, a rework of an older style of mine that I’ve always liked. And finally Sabrina, a style that I like very, very much because it reminds me of one of my idols. Today, I was gifted (my secret santa came through! YAY!!!) with this stunning dress from Zaara, which has obviously been blogged before, but deserves all the adolation it gets. Awesome party dress for New Years, I think. I paired it with my killer GOS heels, because I love them so very much – and I heard there are more KILLER heels on the way (thank god for plurk heh?). Oh and last but not least – I have to call out the poses that I used in these photos – Clique by Iris Seale (thankies gogo). I have 3 and I think I need MORE please. Where is the store??? *prods* I really liked these poses and think we’ll be seeing great things from Clique. If you’re interested in any of my new hairs and textures, here’s a teleport to the shop, they are out on the third floor. I’ll be in my workshop, agonizing over making more.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Sabrina (Brown5) – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Skin – Mima 01 Milky – LAQ>

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Jewelry – Crystal Earrings – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Dress – Acira minidress *jade* – Zaara

Shoes – Platform Pumps – Just Black – Gos

Poses – Clique

Friends with benefits!

Hey I’m participating in a great event with GESTICULATE!, HopScotch, Just a Pose, LolaPop!, Miao, Moonshine, Somnia and Vanitas Vesture! Friends with benefits – see details below! Or teleport directly to my store for the notecard with details on how to participate!

Friends with Benefits Sale

Have you got a friend you want to share with? A beloved one you wish to bestow your largess on? What’s your BFF done for you lately? The following stores are sponsoring a ‘Gift for a Friend” sale! Make a purchase at any of the participating stores’ in world locations and get a second item of equal or lesser value for a friend as a gift!

Here’s how:

Gift for a Friend event redemption instructions:
– Make a purchase at any of the participating stores’ in world locations
– Select an item of equal or lesser value
– Create a notecard entitled “Gift for a Friend” ” with ALL the following information:
1. Transaction information of your purchase including transaction number, date, and amount
2. The name of the item of equal or lesser value you’ve selected to gift
3. The full name of the avatar you wish to gift the item to.
– Drop the notecard on the store owner

– Incomplete note cards will not be processed!
– Gifted items must be of equal or lesser value
– Purchase must be made with lindens, offer does not apply to items bought with a gift card
– Offer does not apply to purchases of gift cards or “dollarbies”
– No “credit” is given if the chosen gift item is less expensive that the purchased item.
– Offer is only valid within the same brand
– Only applies to purchases made between 12:01am SLT Friday December 17 and 11:59 pm SLT Sunday, December 19
– Notecards must be submitted no later than 1:00 am SLT Monday, December 20

12 days of Cat&Mouse ‘Mas’

Hello my friends and a very Merry Christmas to all of you! Starting today at Dark Mouse and Miao, we’re celebrating by having gifts for the 12 days of Christmas. Every day from now till Christmas day, you’ll be able to HUNT for a present under the Christmas tree at the back of my store, in between the spiral staircases! There are 12 presents to be had in all, and each day 1 box will have a present in it! Once you pick up the present at my store, use the handy teleport sign to head over to Miao and pick up the present from Kess! Or, have fun flying around the Amira sim, it’s entirely up to you! Then come back the next day and look again for an entirely different present! Merry Christmas! Here’s a teleport directly to Dark Mouse!

Dark Mouse Returns for Disco Deals!

Hi there! I’ve been out of the loop for a while but I’m back now! I have a new release for Disco Deals I call Bohemian Flare. Stop by at SCD’s Disco Deals & the Riot Room for all the cool deals! Aside from Dark Mouse, you’ll find gorgeous stuff priced at $99L or less from Miao, Karizmatik Moderne, Callie Cline, Somnia, Ivalde, Sable Rose Jewelry, Sysy’s, gesticulate, Savoir Faire Shapes and my own personal favorite, the ever fabulous Sn@tch! Here’s a teleport directly to the bazaar!