Dark Mouse on Fabulous Fashion TV

Hey! I was invited to be on Fabulous Fashion TV and I’m pretty jazzed about it! (ok maybe a wee bit nervous too) I will have two models, two of my good friends in SL, Kesseret Steeplechase and Hethr Engel. While I love them both dearly, I also asked them because my brain leans toward retro and vintage naturally and both have shapes that I feel represent actual woman and have a retro feel. I will be showing the same outfit, accessorized in different ways. Since I specialize in retro and vintage jewelry – expect more of the same. Please join me for the show, I’ll be on VOICE (omg, omg – prepare for a queens, ny accent softened by 20 years in california), probably nervous and talking about fashion, something I can only pretend to know a bit about. The show is on October 11, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. SLT. Here’s a teleport to the show! When you arrive at the TP point, turn around and head up the stairs into the building. Oh! And there will be presents!


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