Dark Mouse at Jewelry Fair 2010

It’s that time of year, and I confess, I barely got my stuff pulled together in time for this years jewelry fair. Actually I didn’t get it all pulled together and had to drop a few things. I have four new releases at the fair! So last release was all the vintage stuff I’d been working and experimenting on, this time is all the truly experimental stuff I’ve been working on. I don’t make jewelry, jewelry makes me! I sort of play around with ideas in my head and see where they lead me. I don’t sketch – I build sketch I guess you could say. I look at something and think, I wonder what it would look like if I did this….that sort of thing. Along with the four new releases I have four sets out for the charity that will benefit from the fair, Oxfam. There’s also a special gift from me set out at the front of the booth – I hope you’ll stop by and pick up your gifty and look around. Here are the pictures of my new releases and a teleport directly to my booth at the fair!. The tp’s into the fair are randomized – and there will NOT be a beacon to follow. When you land – if you follow the path, you’ll find me at the end from either direction, so keep looking!


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