Dark Mouse and Disco Deals!

Hi there! Long time no see – I swear I am still here! Just very busy in RL. I am participating in the all new Disco Deals Bazaar and Riot Room event. You will want to visit this! Not only will there be two NEW releases from me – but there’s a bunch of COOL stuff from other designers too! Disco Deals Bazaar is a new shopping experience at the SCD headquarters in Amira – 10 designers will feature new stuff at bargain prices for 24 hours! But wait there’s more! UNDERNEATH the Disco Deals Bazaar is the Riot Room! TP into the Riot Room with 10 of your closet friends and set all the mob vendors off AT ONCE. Then let the bargain buying begin!

Here are the items I’m offering at the Bazaar. The first is my Marissa necklace – which just happens to match Kesseret Steeplechases Marissa Romper PERFECTLY. And in the Riot Room – my super cool Victorian Tassel Necklace – Bring a group of friends and get the FATPACK out of the mobvend at a super low price! Or, if you have NO patience – just buy it ;-)! Use this link to teleport there NOW!


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