Dark Mouse and Disco Deals!

Hi there! Long time no see – I swear I am still here! Just very busy in RL. I am participating in the all new Disco Deals Bazaar and Riot Room event. You will want to visit this! Not only will there be two NEW releases from me – but there’s a bunch of COOLContinue reading “Dark Mouse and Disco Deals!”

New Jewelry at Dark Mouse!

Hello my friends – I do have some more new stuff I’d like to highlight. In RL I have a love for all things bakelite, which is basically plastic jewelry! Usually it’s a hard shiny plastic with some kind of embellishment. LOVE IT! If you like to wander around the small vintage shops that usuallyContinue reading “New Jewelry at Dark Mouse!”

Wear Gray – for a good cause

I’m participating in an event called Wear Gray. I hope you’ll visit and purchase some of the merchandise set out to benefit a good cause, the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). I’ve put out a limited edition of my FAE set in gray – that’s right, it will only be available for the Wear GrayContinue reading “Wear Gray – for a good cause”

New Releases at Dark Mouse – Hair Accessories

Hi there! One day, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to make some hair combs. Yes, okay, I went hog wild, pretty much. All of these are copy/modify, they attach in two places, and you can feel free to move them to anywhere on your head, depending on the hair style you’reContinue reading “New Releases at Dark Mouse – Hair Accessories”

Hump Day Happiness at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Hi there! I’m participating in HDH this week (finally!). I have more vintage type stuff – I guess I’m in that kind of mood lately. Introducing the Josephine Vintage Guardian Cember Dragon Necklace with an Elle bow, I hope you like it and I hope you’ll stop by – only 69L for this necklace! InsertContinue reading “Hump Day Happiness at Dark Mouse Jewelry!”

Project Donate – Run, don’t walk!

Hi everyone! I am participating in the Project Donate event – all funds donated will go to Unicef for Pakistan Flood Relief. It’s a cause that in my humble opinion has gone under reported, and many life’s are being devastated. It only takes one person to help a good cause, I hope you’ll visit theContinue reading “Project Donate – Run, don’t walk!”

All vintage, all the time! Fall collection at Dark Mouse Jewelry

Hi there – Yes, I have new releases – yes, they are out in the store and I’d love for you to stop by and pick them up. I have so many new releases – that I’m focusing this post on just the jewelry. Also I’ll keep it down to one close up picture ofContinue reading “All vintage, all the time! Fall collection at Dark Mouse Jewelry”

What the heck IS going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!

Well hello there. How you doing? Long time no see and all that. I’ve have been VERY busy. In RL and SL! I’ve been a busy girl, rebuilding the Dark Mouse main store, creating new stuff and MOVING. And guess where I’ll be going? I’ll be sharing a sim with none other than ms. KesseretContinue reading “What the heck IS going on at Dark Mouse? New stuff, that’s what!”