Etheria is coming

~ Etheria – When Jeweler’s Dream ~ Dark Mouse and Lark for Etheria – This Sunday


A Happy Hump Day fit for a Queen!

Hi there my friends! Unfortunately the search bug is still adversely affecting me, and even though my beloved Dark Mouse Groupies have logged onto JIRA in droves and dramatically upped the vote count, there is still not action on it. Ah well onward and upwards – but please VOTE here is you can. In that vein I have an uber fun Hump Day special this week! Introducing the Queenie hair! Yes, okay I’m totally having fun with this hair – it was a blast to make the hat. Stop by the shop and pick it up (2 colors, basically blonde & dark brown for $69L – here’s a taxi! It will be available starting midnight tonite (well actually it’s available now). If you’d like it in more than 2 colors, or can’t wait for midnight, the full price versions (5 hair shades for $250) can be found in the hair room at the Dark Mouse store.

Etheria is approaching!

I’m so excited I can’t think straight. This just makes up for everything with the search! And, I lurve Sienia <3.

On June 13, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. join SL’s Dreamiest Jewelers for a very special & collaborative fashion event! We invite you to,

~ Etheria – When Jeweler’s Dream ~

Phaylen Fairchild will host a Fashion show that will introduce the collaborations of:

~ Caroline’s & Ingenue

~ Dark Mouse & Lark

~ KessKreations & Moonshine Designs

~ Lolapop! & Blue Blood

~ MONKEE & Evie’s Closet

At 4:00 p.m. we invite you to visit Etheria in the clouds and explore the collaborative efforts of some oF SL’s most exciting jewelry artists, including an introduction to some of their best work!

In addition to the fashion show, there where be random prizes given out from each of the designers! Just visit and win!

The show opens on June 13 at 4:00 p.m.!

Kickin it old school – and the search drama drags on!

Hi there my friends! Yes, my natural cheerfulness has returned. Truth is, I’m addicted to creating in SL and I’ve recently become fascinated with making clothes – so there’s always something for me to do in SL. Plus there is Etheria! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this project and how much I cannot wait for next week to arrive. I’m working with Sienia Trevellion of Lark on a collaborative outfit and if I must say so myself, it’s awesome. You’ll be invited to join us for a fashion show of all the collaborative projects and to browse around a fantastic build by Karizmah Avro, builder extraordinaire! The other jewelers featured at the show are the fabulous Caroline Apollo of Caroline’s Jewelry, Lola79 Hienrichs of Lolapop! DarionMonkee Levitt of MONKEE and good buddy of mine, Kesseret Steeplechase of KessKreations! There will be prizes JUST FOR SHOWING UP! Awesome time all around. On the drama front, Dark Mouse is still lost to search. I’ve been learning more about what is happening, and this problem of stores falling out of search is not just my problem. Check out this JIRA – take some time and read through the comments. At the time of this blog post, 290 people have voted for this issue to be resolved by LL. We need a lot more to capture their attention! Go now and vote! Here’s the link.

I figured I should throw some fashion into the post (and yes kickin it old school with my old photo format) – and I have been on a shopping spree because what’s the best thing to do when you’re frustrated, angry and your business is getting killed by a search bug? FAHGETABOUTIT AND GO SHOPPING! First stop, Sn@tch! This ‘swirl and swing’ dress just appealed to my own personal sense of whimsy! A must have and a bargain at $250L for 3 different versions. Seriously, Sn@tch’s pricing is the bomb. I paired it with the new Lola skin from Lelutka – I only bought ONE of these skins, thinking that I could make it go farther in 2.0 because of the different lipsticks available using the new tattoo layer option. However since I hate 2.0 (what did I type that outloud?), and everything but the skin itself has vanished from my inventory you see just the basic skin! Lovely, no? Seriously this is the first Lelutka skin I really like – the only thing about Lelutka skin is that I always look annoyed. Since of course this is my current mood, I felt it was fitting! I also went to sale last night and basically bought all the hairs I did not have. It was a leap of faith, because the store was so packed, there was no trying on demo’s – I basically just waited for the photos to rez and then bought in my color – this Scarlet do with headband is my personal favorite! Another new favorite of mine are the new flats from Zaara. The texture on these flats is so well done, that I felt compelled to include a close up. Plus I cannot do prim feet, so having options to hide my ugly Linden issue feet is a great bonus. Finally I accessorized with what will shortly be a new release (as in, as soon as I get my shit together, stop bitching and package up the damn thing)! I love you all, and ask you once more, please vote on this JIRA issue today. Second Life is what it is not only because of the huge businesses that sell fabulous stuff that we all know and love but ALSO because of its wondrous variety of creators and unique items. If the smaller and unique shops lose search, they will lose their tenuous hold on affordability. Do it today, for me and for the businesses like mine.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Scarlet 2 (Thoughtful Brown) –

Skin – Lola Light Makeup 5 – Lelutka

Eyes – Star Earth – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Chocolate Sparkles Set Dark Mouse – Not yet released (sorry)

Dress – Swirl & Swing – Sn@tch

Glasses – Skinny Framed – HOC

Shoes – Ilaida Mojri *black* – Zaara

Poses are a variety from LAP

A woman’s tears & please VOTE on these issues!

What is it that men say always wins the argument? I’ve been married for 20 years and let me tell you my husband crumbles like blue cheese in endive lettuce at the sight of my tears. That is why I rarely cry when we argue. And why, I cannot in good conscious keep my mouth shut now that I have opened it on this issue. Dark Mouse started appearing yesterday – AFTER MY BLOG POST – in ‘all’ for ‘jewelry.’ I was on page one for 24 hours – and seem to be appearing and disappearing at random now (dynamic search? LOL – it seems to have something to do with having ‘mature’ and ‘adult’ checked – see the JIRA’s below). But seriously this is NOT the point – it was not my intention to get technical support via blog post! I don’t expect to be on page one unless I’ve earned it. And what the kindly customer service representative from LL stated on live chat – that “traffic is totally responsible for your ranking is simply NOT TRUE.” ‘Relevance’ is what is supposed to improve it. That’s why putting your keyword in the name of your store (erm, jewelry) is important and someone recommending you in their picks is a good thing. I’d also like to say that my post yesterday was born of pure frustration and anger – to those who are suggesting that I’m being overly dramatic, the point of my post was my personal realization that I was upset (i.e., overly dramatic) enough to react the way I did to this thing we call a video game. Yep, it’s true – I’m human.

For those of you checking on these things like me, on page two of chat, this relevant item to a search under ‘all’ for “jewelry” can be found on page 2 of results! – Millions Media $500L Unlimited View DVD’s #1 for Movies! YAY I can get movies in SL for ONLY $500L.

And – the ticket that I submitted on May 28, and have commented on yesterday on LL’s support site has not yet been responded to – though I have talked to live chat to no avail.

Please go VOTE on these JIRA’s – research now tells me that this is a serious bug – you log into JIRA the way you log into your account.




And I wanted to say thank you to everyone in world and in comments for the kind thoughts and words of support. I appreciate them more than I can ever say.

What the hell am I doing?

While writing and rewriting this blog post, I’ve had serious questions in my head, such as, what the heck am I doing?

Honestly I don’t know the answer to this question.

Yes, Dark Mouse fell out of search, again.

Why am I so upset? What does it really matter anyway? First off, I’m a minor shop owner in the world we all call Second Life – I’ll never be a big shop owner in SL – I don’t have the time to learn the skills that I need to really put full effort into it. SL is a hobby for me. Second, I’m just a cartoon character in a cartoon world. Right? One of my favorite sayings is, ‘let’s not get upset, no one is having brain surgery here.”

I did all the right things. I tested my viewer. I tested the regular viewer. I went to live chat, I filed a ticket. I went to live chat again.

Here’s the conversation:

[10:12 AM] Leslie: Hello Mouse Mimistrobell, thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. How can I help you today?

[10:14 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: my store, Dark Mouse, cannot be found in search, under the term Jewelry. It has fallen out of search, again – it appeared briefly after my last complaint for about 5 days. Typically my store appears on page one. I filed a ticket but there has been no response. I was told by live chat that there is a known issue.

[10:14 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Can you tell me how to get this fixed permanently, or direct me to the JIRA where the issue appears so that I can track it?

[10:16 AM] Thiago: Okay Mouse. The fact that your shop doesnt appear on the search is related to the low traffic on it.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: It’s not an issue necessarily.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: The shops with more traffic will appear under search and thats automatically done.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: Which means we cannot intervene.

[10:18 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Um you’re incorrect

[10:18 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: unless the reasons for search have changed.

[10:19 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: How can I appear on pages 1-5 in search under the term jewelry for MONTHS and then suddenly disapear. I was there for the last 5 days. If low traffic is the reason, then why wasn’t it the reason for the last 5 days.

[10:20 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: You may wish to also check how many people have me in the profile pics, which I believe is one of the search parameters.

[10:21 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: As a matter of fact, a search of jewelry finds that I do not appear ANYWHERE.

[10:21 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: since that is my KEY search term, in the profile. I should appear under a search for jewelry, correct?

[10:23 AM] Thiago: I will transfer you to another department. One moment please.

[10:23 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: sure nuff.

[10:46 AM] Amber: Mouse are you still there?

[10:47 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: yes

[10:47 AM] Amber: I’m so sorry.. we are having server issues and chats went a bit crazy

[10:47 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: yep i saw it and was logged out too

[11:23 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: hallo

[11:24 AM] Amber: Hello Mouse.. I’ve been trying to locate the blog we had on Search last week for you, have you read that one?

[11:24 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: nope

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: what kind of blog was it?

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: has search changed?

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: because last week I was in search on page one. now I’m not.

[11:27 AM] Amber: and the links in it may help you, and yes it has

[11:27 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so i can no longer be found with your new dynamic search engine?

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: because I can’t be found.

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: under the search term, “jewelry”

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: SInce my store is Dark Mouse Jewelry this is a problem.

[11:29 AM] Amber: Mouse, part of that blog explains that things aren’t working in some areas.. that they are working on it

[11:29 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: i see.

[11:29 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so is there a JIRA on this issue?

[11:31 AM] Amber: I am sure there is, I don’t have the number at the moment, I’m sorry

[11:31 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so there is a problem with search, affecting my store, and you don’t have access to the JIRA?

[11:35 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: I need to have the JIRA from you so that I can track this issue that is seriously affecting my store, business in Second Life. Can you please provide it to me?

[11:35 AM] Amber: this is one

[11:36 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Are there more?

[11:38 AM] Amber: it references

[11:38 AM] Amber: and you can put Search in the Search box to find more

[11:40 AM] Amber: forgive me, I’m doing multiple chats so I’m slower to respond

[11:40 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: really? I tried that early and came up with none. Okay I guess I’m done. It’s a sorry day for me. I feel like I’ve been singled out for this treatment. Reality is that search has never worked correctly for my store – I guess that if I was a big name store you’d care more. At this point I have to wonder why I bother with SL.

[11:41 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: And I know that you’re sorry I feel that way. I know that I’m not alone.

[11:41 AM] Amber: Seriously Mouse.. we care about them all, and right now it IS an issue

[11:42 AM] Amber: its why it was blogged…

[11:42 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Yep, I know. thanks for your help.

I cried after I ended this conversation. Which is just pathetic. I’m crying over a video game. I have so many commitments in SL right now, that I can’t just walk away. And really is this sooo bad that I should even consider it? I don’t know but here I am, crying.

There will be many nice people who will tell me that I need to go read the blog post and try to fix my stuff so that I can get in search again. And I should I really, really should. But I just can’t make myself do it.

I’ve been sitting here thinking about it and I realize that I will never be as important to Linden Lab as Dark Mouse & Second Life is to me. I think that it just hit me really, really hard. So I cried.

Here’s the blog post from LL.

End of story.

Corresponding Emotions

“Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion.” Just wandering around SL, wondering today if I’ve been around too long. Oh and I’ve been making clothing. I am currently consumed by, “how the hell do you get the bottom of a shirt to match the top of the jacket.” It’s not really good for my dyslexia, cause I’m constantly confused by which side of the template corresponds with which (seriously, I FORGET). Ideally I SHOULD be consumed by making new jewelry, improving my hair sculpts and textures, changing over my store to a better gifting system/vendor system and preparing for Etheria. But no, I’m looking at this template instead. That’s just me. Oh and I love that movie. It’s simply priceless – I’m totally watching it tonite, I’ve decided.

Oh and I wanted to blog something other than, “Mouse Mimistrobell is pissed.” So here’s the dress I made. I called it the Dorothy Dress, cause of the dots (get it?) Rather French Kiss, no? DAMNIT I should have named it that. DAMMIT. You can either a) buy it in my store (back room) or b) get it for free by joining the in-world Dark Mouse VIP group.