Good Sh*t

Hello out there! Life does have an awful habit of just moving on heh? How long can Mouse Mimistrobell remain in a snit anyways? Apparently not too long – although I am prone to instantaneous snittish-nish. Dark Mouse is still not in search in any meaningful way. Of course I confess I’ve not gone searching past page 15 of search results to see if Dark Mouse is there anywhere – too lazy I guess. I have tried different viewers (regular/kirsten/betas) etc. I get randoms IM’s from people telling me what I should do to fix it. Most are helpful – but realistically, I am feeling a wee bit targeted – paranoid, no? ;-). I am, like most everyone, more hopeful since the reinstatement of Philip Rosedale at the helm of Linden Lab. Not necessarily because I think he’ll do a better job – of that I remain unsure – the proof is in the pudding no?. But the replacement signals for me, an acknowledgement that all is not well in the state of Denmark and needs to change, so for that, I am grateful.

So I know I said I’d never do another hunt, but well I’m IN ONE! The Good Shit Hunt officially starts today and I encourage you to participate. Why? Because there’s lots of good shit that’s why! The starting point for the hunt is at the ever fabulous Reek!.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today, and took a pic of myself at the oldest build in SL – The man statue. I hear a lot of people say that those who complain about the state of Denmark are afraid of the future, hate change, and are generally oldbies who lack skills – and are hurting SL by complaining. I say – talk to an oldbie sometime – because really the oldbies are the trailblazers – the ones who saw the excitement and potential of SL. And who in their hearts remain true to it.

Today I am wearing a fabulous new hairstyle for Stumblebum from Clawtooth. I was thinking – wouldn’t it be cool if you could have the bubbles from the demo all the time if you want? HEHE. I could totally get used to bubbling all the time. It could be a personality changer – hey feeling down? Bubble. Anywho, I’m also wearing the ‘faded’ skin from Fashionably Dead, the love affair continues. I should have bought the fat pack (insert plurk doh here). I’m sporting my own Good Shit hunt gift, the whimsy hair comb and bangles – they look fabu in Clawtooth’s hair! The top is a smexy and FREE confection from none other than the hilarious ms. steeplechase who is also in the Good Shit hunt! The capris are from Nyte & Day – another long term resident of SL. Finally free stilettos from In her shoes, which appear because of their extreme pinkesh-nesh.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Morning After (w/bangs) (Girl Next Door) – Clawtooth for Stumblebum

Skin – Morning Sun (Faded/Freckles) – Fashionably Dead

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Whimsy Bangles & Hair Comb – Dark Mouse for the Good Shit Hunt

(Naner, naner you have to look for it!)

Top – Katarina Tank (Pink) – Hilarious for the Good Shit Hunt

(Naner, naner ditto, though Kess is a pushover so it’s easy to find.)

Jeans – Dark Wash Capris – Nyte & Day

Heels – Stiletto Pink – In her shoes

Poses are a variety from LAP and Cova


4 thoughts on “Good Sh*t

  1. gratuitous boobs! 🙂
    Yeah I hate looking for hunt stuff which is why I put a big arrow lol.

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