A woman’s tears & please VOTE on these issues!

What is it that men say always wins the argument? I’ve been married for 20 years and let me tell you my husband crumbles like blue cheese in endive lettuce at the sight of my tears. That is why I rarely cry when we argue. And why, I cannot in good conscious keep my mouth shut now that I have opened it on this issue. Dark Mouse started appearing yesterday – AFTER MY BLOG POST – in ‘all’ for ‘jewelry.’ I was on page one for 24 hours – and seem to be appearing and disappearing at random now (dynamic search? LOL – it seems to have something to do with having ‘mature’ and ‘adult’ checked – see the JIRA’s below). But seriously this is NOT the point – it was not my intention to get technical support via blog post! I don’t expect to be on page one unless I’ve earned it. And what the kindly customer service representative from LL stated on live chat – that “traffic is totally responsible for your ranking is simply NOT TRUE.” ‘Relevance’ is what is supposed to improve it. That’s why putting your keyword in the name of your store (erm, jewelry) is important and someone recommending you in their picks is a good thing. I’d also like to say that my post yesterday was born of pure frustration and anger – to those who are suggesting that I’m being overly dramatic, the point of my post was my personal realization that I was upset (i.e., overly dramatic) enough to react the way I did to this thing we call a video game. Yep, it’s true – I’m human.

For those of you checking on these things like me, on page two of chat, this relevant item to a search under ‘all’ for “jewelry” can be found on page 2 of results! – Millions Media $500L Unlimited View DVD’s #1 for Movies! YAY I can get movies in SL for ONLY $500L.

And – the ticket that I submitted on May 28, and have commented on yesterday on LL’s support site has not yet been responded to – though I have talked to live chat to no avail.

Please go VOTE on these JIRA’s – research now tells me that this is a serious bug – you log into JIRA the way you log into your account.

~ http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2001

~ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1712

~ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1735

And I wanted to say thank you to everyone in world and in comments for the kind thoughts and words of support. I appreciate them more than I can ever say.


6 thoughts on “A woman’s tears & please VOTE on these issues!

  1. I’m glad you got back on search! I couldn’t see my store even though you said it was there. Today I clicked Mature and it showed up! My ad is PG and my items are PG but the sim is Mature. Every time I searched after that without Mature selected it shows up. Must be another kind of bug. *Throws hands up in air and runs around in circles*

  2. YEP that’s what it is – A BUG! And the worst part is that when you search the same tow times in a row, it resets with ‘mature’ checked and you can’t be found. I spent a good few hours baffled by that one before I realized what it was doing!

  3. Pfft to whoever said you were being overly dramatic! It is frustrating when you are dealing with LL about issues period! But even more so when its about your business that you work so hard for! *hugs*

  4. Well I may have been a ‘wee bit’ over the top LOL. But thank you! As I sit here and think more and more about this issue, and read some of the comments – I’ve come to realize – people in SL are just soooo sick of hearing about it.
    It’s not fixed, it needs to be fixed asap. FFS, LL really needs to listen to people in world, and direct effort towards fixing it instead of blogging more and more spin. It would also help if the folks at live chat knew the facts before they
    give you a line of bull about what’s going on. We keep hearing this spin about how much they love us and are improving things. Actions speak louder than words – like say someone responding to my ticket and hey how about
    actually assigning someone to fix the problem on the JIRA, so that we know it’s being worked on!

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