What the hell am I doing?

While writing and rewriting this blog post, I’ve had serious questions in my head, such as, what the heck am I doing?

Honestly I don’t know the answer to this question.

Yes, Dark Mouse fell out of search, again.

Why am I so upset? What does it really matter anyway? First off, I’m a minor shop owner in the world we all call Second Life – I’ll never be a big shop owner in SL – I don’t have the time to learn the skills that I need to really put full effort into it. SL is a hobby for me. Second, I’m just a cartoon character in a cartoon world. Right? One of my favorite sayings is, ‘let’s not get upset, no one is having brain surgery here.”

I did all the right things. I tested my viewer. I tested the regular viewer. I went to live chat, I filed a ticket. I went to live chat again.

Here’s the conversation:

[10:12 AM] Leslie: Hello Mouse Mimistrobell, thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. How can I help you today?

[10:14 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: my store, Dark Mouse, cannot be found in search, under the term Jewelry. It has fallen out of search, again – it appeared briefly after my last complaint for about 5 days. Typically my store appears on page one. I filed a ticket but there has been no response. I was told by live chat that there is a known issue.

[10:14 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Can you tell me how to get this fixed permanently, or direct me to the JIRA where the issue appears so that I can track it?

[10:16 AM] Thiago: Okay Mouse. The fact that your shop doesnt appear on the search is related to the low traffic on it.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: It’s not an issue necessarily.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: The shops with more traffic will appear under search and thats automatically done.

[10:17 AM] Thiago: Which means we cannot intervene.

[10:18 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Um you’re incorrect

[10:18 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: unless the reasons for search have changed.

[10:19 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: How can I appear on pages 1-5 in search under the term jewelry for MONTHS and then suddenly disapear. I was there for the last 5 days. If low traffic is the reason, then why wasn’t it the reason for the last 5 days.

[10:20 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: You may wish to also check how many people have me in the profile pics, which I believe is one of the search parameters.

[10:21 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: As a matter of fact, a search of jewelry finds that I do not appear ANYWHERE.

[10:21 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: since that is my KEY search term, in the profile. I should appear under a search for jewelry, correct?

[10:23 AM] Thiago: I will transfer you to another department. One moment please.

[10:23 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: sure nuff.

[10:46 AM] Amber: Mouse are you still there?

[10:47 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: yes

[10:47 AM] Amber: I’m so sorry.. we are having server issues and chats went a bit crazy

[10:47 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: yep i saw it and was logged out too

[11:23 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: hallo

[11:24 AM] Amber: Hello Mouse.. I’ve been trying to locate the blog we had on Search last week for you, have you read that one?

[11:24 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: nope

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: what kind of blog was it?

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: has search changed?

[11:25 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: because last week I was in search on page one. now I’m not.

[11:27 AM] Amber: http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/05/25/a-step-forward-for-second-life-search and the links in it may help you, and yes it has

[11:27 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so i can no longer be found with your new dynamic search engine?

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: because I can’t be found.

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: under the search term, “jewelry”

[11:28 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: SInce my store is Dark Mouse Jewelry this is a problem.

[11:29 AM] Amber: Mouse, part of that blog explains that things aren’t working in some areas.. that they are working on it

[11:29 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: i see.

[11:29 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so is there a JIRA on this issue?

[11:31 AM] Amber: I am sure there is, I don’t have the number at the moment, I’m sorry

[11:31 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: so there is a problem with search, affecting my store, and you don’t have access to the JIRA?

[11:35 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: I need to have the JIRA from you so that I can track this issue that is seriously affecting my store, business in Second Life. Can you please provide it to me?

[11:35 AM] Amber: this is one https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1712

[11:36 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Are there more?

[11:38 AM] Amber: it references https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1735

[11:38 AM] Amber: and you can put Search in the Search box to find more

[11:40 AM] Amber: forgive me, I’m doing multiple chats so I’m slower to respond

[11:40 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: really? I tried that early and came up with none. Okay I guess I’m done. It’s a sorry day for me. I feel like I’ve been singled out for this treatment. Reality is that search has never worked correctly for my store – I guess that if I was a big name store you’d care more. At this point I have to wonder why I bother with SL.

[11:41 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: And I know that you’re sorry I feel that way. I know that I’m not alone.

[11:41 AM] Amber: Seriously Mouse.. we care about them all, and right now it IS an issue

[11:42 AM] Amber: its why it was blogged…

[11:42 AM] Mouse Mimistrobell: Yep, I know. thanks for your help.

I cried after I ended this conversation. Which is just pathetic. I’m crying over a video game. I have so many commitments in SL right now, that I can’t just walk away. And really is this sooo bad that I should even consider it? I don’t know but here I am, crying.

There will be many nice people who will tell me that I need to go read the blog post and try to fix my stuff so that I can get in search again. And I should I really, really should. But I just can’t make myself do it.

I’ve been sitting here thinking about it and I realize that I will never be as important to Linden Lab as Dark Mouse & Second Life is to me. I think that it just hit me really, really hard. So I cried.

Here’s the blog post from LL.

End of story.


18 thoughts on “What the hell am I doing?

  1. Hi Mouse,

    This is just terrible! I’ve been having the same kinds of problems but I’m afraid I can’t even face looking into it – LL is such a pain sometimes!

    Anyway, good luck and know that you’re already famous!


    Leonie Szczepanski

  2. Agreed that search has NEVER worked and probably never will, either in world search or Xstreet. For that reason a lot of folks have simply abandoned search altogether.

    I doubt there is a permanent fix since it has really little to do with US. It is THEM. So let’s at least make a voodoo doll and stick a few pins in there. That is bound to make us all feel better.

  3. Thank you for commenting Chic and I think I have to agree. I should probably just give up.

    I’m so making a voodoo doll.

  4. Hi, i just wanted to say i dont find you pathetic for crying i would too, because you put work in it no matter what. Its depressing to see they dont seem to bother about designers work. Anyway i still hope someone is more clever than the others and will see the problem.

    I would say dont give up but its your choice 🙂 and thank you for sharing this on the blog too. Good Luck


  5. Thank you for saying that. I think I felt in part frustrated and ashamed that I felt so strongly about it. It is important to me, and more so than I think I even realized.

  6. Hi, it may not be much comfort … but as a complete stranger I’d like to say that your work is beautiful, and I do hope you keep on with it. I like your shop too ;-))

    I think LL are basically out of their depth with search: it needs excellent programmers and enough people to monitor and interpret search logs & work out what the search patterns mean. They are evidently cutting staff rather than hiring, and tweaking the search algorithms without intelligently working out what the impact will be. That’s no excuse, but I can’t see it getting much better.

  7. Mouse, you’re jewelry designs are famous grid wide… sorry you’re having this trouble, but smile cause you are loved in sl !

  8. aww, I hope it gets fixed for you soon. I know chatting with LL can be very frusterating for personal experience. I’ve even cried over this silly game more times than I’d like to admit. *hugs*

  9. Thank you kindly for the compliments they are appreciated! And I think your assessment is almost certainly spot on.

  10. Thank you so much for the hugs! I didn’t think that support was so much ‘bad’ as ‘indifferent.’ That may be what made me truly upset. The first person not even reading my complaint and saying, ‘it’s your traffic, don’t cha know…” That I think really set the stage.

  11. Hi Mouse,

    just letting you know you are not the only one. My shop appears in search for 12 out of every 24 hours. Someone at the livechat told me that if i wanted my shop to be popular, I should just make good products. I gave up on search and livechat.

  12. F*ck search. It’s all about blogs and word of mouth anyway. I either go to the stores that I find accidentally on my random travels and like enough to keep the LM, stores that are recommended to me by friends or stores that I see on the blogs. Why LL would leave out a store from an *automated* search engine because of the traffic doesn’t even make sense. Especially not when followed by the “we care about all the businesses” response. Holy contradiction Batman! Glad to know the people who respond in live chat are just making crap up. Don’t let these SL jerkoffs make you cry. They don’t deserve it. As long as your store is open, you’ll have your loyal fan base shopping there, and no doubt that will only continue to grow.

  13. I think that you experienced something similar to me! And I think that live chat has been saying things without thinking. It’s easier to say, “make better products.” Rather than figure out why you’re not showing up in search. And that 12 of 24 hours things IS REAL. That particular bug was happening to Dark Mouse too! Thank you so much for commenting.

  14. Thank you for commenting! I’m thankful everyday for the people who blog my stuff and talk about it. I’m really grateful for my customers. And you picked out precisely the issue. If search is automated, and I’m paying for it – I should appear. EVEN IF I APPEAR AS THE LAST POSSIBLE CHOICE. And thats what live chat failed to recognize. It’s not about traffic. It IS a technical issue.

  15. Please don’t cry and please don’t leave us. Your jewelry is wonderful and will continue to shine. Unfortunately it appears to me that search is broken and has been since they implemented 2.0. Just keep spreading the word of your lovely things throughout the blogosphere and believe me the traffic will come!

  16. I think my reaction yesterday was just pure frustration, I probably should have waited a day before reacting. And thank you for the kind thoughts!

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