Corresponding Emotions

“Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion.” Just wandering around SL, wondering today if I’ve been around too long. Oh and I’ve been making clothing. I am currently consumed by, “how the hell do you get the bottom of a shirt to match the top of the jacket.” It’s not really good for my dyslexia, cause I’m constantly confused by which side of the template corresponds with which (seriously, I FORGET). Ideally I SHOULD be consumed by making new jewelry, improving my hair sculpts and textures, changing over my store to a better gifting system/vendor system and preparing for Etheria. But no, I’m looking at this template instead. That’s just me. Oh and I love that movie. It’s simply priceless – I’m totally watching it tonite, I’ve decided.

Oh and I wanted to blog something other than, “Mouse Mimistrobell is pissed.” So here’s the dress I made. I called it the Dorothy Dress, cause of the dots (get it?) Rather French Kiss, no? DAMNIT I should have named it that. DAMMIT. You can either a) buy it in my store (back room) or b) get it for free by joining the in-world Dark Mouse VIP group.


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