Mouse Mimistrobell is pissed…update

***So I just checked and Dark Mouse is back in search. I don’t know why but there you have it. Blog post? Mebbe.***

Seriously people, I’m a slow burn. I rarely fly off the handle, but I’ve just about had it. Ever since I’ve owned a business in SL from the early days of Whimsical Creation Homes to the current days of Dark Mouse Jewelry, I’ve been tossed around by the bullshit system we fondly call SEARCH. At times, I’ve seriously felt that someone at Linden Lab is out to get me. My first 3 months in business – no problems at all. Then I moved to Taber. From day one, my land settings would mysteriously change from ‘any category’ to ‘educational.’ I would change it back. My land description would change (not by me and I was the only person in my group) and I would fall off search for 7 days. I filed ticket after ticket, after ticket. At first, I was told, “what, we can find you in search.” And lo and behold, I was there! Then I was told, well your store is just not that popular, so you’re really LOW in the rankings. Okay, okay, I’d think – you just have to work harder to improve, and you’ll appear in the right place. I got camper machines for a few months. Nothing helped really. Then I was told, well you’re using an alternate viewer…always it was something. I gave up on tickets. I would frequently appear, then disappear again. Then, they changed the way search worked. Now you needed to be ‘relevant’ like if people put you in their picks and stuff. Hmmm, so I got a picks rewards machine about 5 months ago. Woah nelly! That worked like a charm and for the last 4-5 months, I have reliably appeared in search, under the search term “jewelry’ in the first 5 pages in ‘all.’ This was a good thing. I felt like at least I could be found for people to look at my stuff – and I was with my competitors, all of whom I respect a great deal. Then about two weeks, I randomly checked search – and what the hell, I was not appearing! I checked again in the evening and YAY I was back. Next day and for the next few days, I would appear in search in the mornings, but not in the evenings. Then last week, I vanished from search altogether. I got on Live Chat. They can’t help me and I was told to, ‘file a ticket.’ But seriously, I’m so tired of this. I feel like I’m being singled out. Which is just ridiculous, right? Probably I’ll be back there tomorrow, just to annoy the crap outta me.


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