Etheria – When jewelers dream…

What do jewelers dream about? Jewelry designers in Second Life frequently build fantastic pieces to go with the fabulous creations of clothing designers. Did you ever wonder what a jeweler would like to SEE with their creations – to have a designer make an outfit that is designed to go with their creation, instead of […]

Moaaaarrrr NEW Stuff at Dark Mouse!

Yes, yes, I had even more new stuff for you! This week I’m releasing my latest necklace, Vintage Troll, “next” the Daisy Diamonds necklace in copper and gold and new set of bangles I’m calling, Glass and Wood, cause well I’ve run out of brilliant names and that’s what they are! All three are experiments […]

Putting yourself out there with love

Hi there my fellow second lifers! I’m participating in the 69L Hump Day Happiness special again, and having fun with it. I have been interested for a long time in making clothes that combine extensively with ‘jewelry’ or extensive prim work, and so followed that idea to its logical conclusion. I made a shirt with […]