Mouse Mimistrobell is pissed…update

***So I just checked and Dark Mouse is back in search. I don’t know why but there you have it. Blog post? Mebbe.***

Seriously people, I’m a slow burn. I rarely fly off the handle, but I’ve just about had it. Ever since I’ve owned a business in SL from the early days of Whimsical Creation Homes to the current days of Dark Mouse Jewelry, I’ve been tossed around by the bullshit system we fondly call SEARCH. At times, I’ve seriously felt that someone at Linden Lab is out to get me. My first 3 months in business – no problems at all. Then I moved to Taber. From day one, my land settings would mysteriously change from ‘any category’ to ‘educational.’ I would change it back. My land description would change (not by me and I was the only person in my group) and I would fall off search for 7 days. I filed ticket after ticket, after ticket. At first, I was told, “what, we can find you in search.” And lo and behold, I was there! Then I was told, well your store is just not that popular, so you’re really LOW in the rankings. Okay, okay, I’d think – you just have to work harder to improve, and you’ll appear in the right place. I got camper machines for a few months. Nothing helped really. Then I was told, well you’re using an alternate viewer…always it was something. I gave up on tickets. I would frequently appear, then disappear again. Then, they changed the way search worked. Now you needed to be ‘relevant’ like if people put you in their picks and stuff. Hmmm, so I got a picks rewards machine about 5 months ago. Woah nelly! That worked like a charm and for the last 4-5 months, I have reliably appeared in search, under the search term “jewelry’ in the first 5 pages in ‘all.’ This was a good thing. I felt like at least I could be found for people to look at my stuff – and I was with my competitors, all of whom I respect a great deal. Then about two weeks, I randomly checked search – and what the hell, I was not appearing! I checked again in the evening and YAY I was back. Next day and for the next few days, I would appear in search in the mornings, but not in the evenings. Then last week, I vanished from search altogether. I got on Live Chat. They can’t help me and I was told to, ‘file a ticket.’ But seriously, I’m so tired of this. I feel like I’m being singled out. Which is just ridiculous, right? Probably I’ll be back there tomorrow, just to annoy the crap outta me.


feeling retro

I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a fondness for the creations of Ibizarre. I will always check out new releases! I got a notecard today and went over to check out the new dresses but could not make up my mind. Whilst gandering around at the other new releases though I came across THIS DRESS. This is probably not a surprise to anyone, but I have a habit of examining the neckline of just about anything I buy for obvious reasons. The neckline on this dress just sucked me in! I cannot help but admire the line. It is perfectly sized to display not only jewelry but well, um, your assets. There’s such a 70’s feel to this dress that I had to have it. Fair warning. I’m not crazy about the alphas on the skirt. I think I may have chosen to put an opaque layer underneath the alpha – although I see this as perhaps a design decision to get a certain look. In any case, for me this is just a minor distraction. I will probably modify it myself somehow to suit my preference. The whole line of the dress got me into a Stevie Nicks frame of mind, and damn but did GField just release the perfect retro ankle boots? Yes they did, I felt that they worked perfectly with the dress. I put on my own Daisy Diamonds jewelry set, a new release. I really like this set because I was not just going for silvery and pretty. I was trying to evoke a feeling with it, it was to feel casual & unique. A perfect little nothing if you will. Anywho, I pulled out the moth stockings cause I didn’t care for the bare leg on the skirt, and chose the new Michelle 2 hair from (I was required to buy this hairstyle lol). Of course skin is the base for most outfits in SL, and basically makes a look. I chose the latest skin from Fashionably Dead. Fair warning on this skin too – it may not be for everyone. However – I am currently obsessed/fascinated by the face of this skin. Sometimes things I see and/or buy in Sl evoke a memory of something that made me feel a certain way – happy/sad/angry I don’t know. This skin does that for me. It evokes a memory of something, maybe something from when I was much younger, I don’t/ I can’t put my finger on it. In any case, it’s stunning to my eye. And so that’s my outfit for today. I have not blogged a look in a while, but was really inspired by the dress.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Michelle 2 (Thoughtful Brown) –

Skin – Morning Sun – Slasher 6 – Fashionably Dead

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Diamond Daisies (Gold) Dark Mouse

Dress – Harlow Dress (brown) – Ibizarre

Stockings – Moth Stocking – Rotten Toe

Boots – Short Lace Up Boots – Brown – GField

Poses are a variety from LAP

Oh happy, happy, hump day!

Hello out there….Yes it’s another week, another hump day! YAY! Yay for me in particular, cause I can’t wait for the week to be over! I have a lovely little piece for hump day this week. Eventually it will be available in three metal options, but for now it’s just in copper. It’s the Apples & Opals set, for rather obvious reasons and I have to say, I LOVE it. I hope you do too! Stop by starting midnight tonite and pick it up for the special hump day price of only $69L! (well actually it’s out now lol….) OH and I apologize if the pictures are not perfect – unfortunately my connection is meh. Here’s a teleport directly to the store.

Etheria – When jewelers dream…

What do jewelers dream about? Jewelry designers in Second Life frequently build fantastic pieces to go with the fabulous creations of clothing designers. Did you ever wonder what a jeweler would like to SEE with their creations – to have a designer make an outfit that is designed to go with their creation, instead of the other way around? What do jewelers dream about?

I’m so excited to announce that I’m participating in this event! I’ll be working with Sienia Trevellion of Lark, a designer that I adore!

Moaaaarrrr NEW Stuff at Dark Mouse!

Yes, yes, I had even more new stuff for you! This week I’m releasing my latest necklace, Vintage Troll, “next” the Daisy Diamonds necklace in copper and gold and new set of bangles I’m calling, Glass and Wood, cause well I’ve run out of brilliant names and that’s what they are! All three are experiments in building things differently. I hope you like them, I hope you’ll stop by and pick them up! OH – I’ve also put two older sets into the lucky chair. One is abstract extravagance, the other is mussed up – also my black & white drama set is still there! Stop by and get LUCKY ;-). Here’s a teleport directly to the store.

Putting yourself out there with love

Hi there my fellow second lifers! I’m participating in the 69L Hump Day Happiness special again, and having fun with it. I have been interested for a long time in making clothes that combine extensively with ‘jewelry’ or extensive prim work, and so followed that idea to its logical conclusion. I made a shirt with extensive prim attachments. I LOVED making it. Is it perfect? No. Does it compete with what you normally see from designers? No. Did I have a fricken awesome time making it and fooling with templates and photoshop and what not? HELL YES <3. Isn't it what SL is all about? Testing yourself – building, creating, having fun? Go have fun. And if you have a yen, stop by my shop and pick up my Rose Camisole. I love you all. Here’s a teleport to the store! Oh and I should mention the skin in the ad is from Fashionably Dead, the hair is and the skirt is a beloved oldie but goodie from Pixel Dolls and I love all of them. All you need is love.

New Releases at Dark Mouse Jewelry!

Hi there my lovelies. I have new releases! YAY! I’ve been working on a couple of projects for a while – I’m a slow burn as they say. The first thing I was working on was making a texture that looked like it had been made from some kind of old bone, specifically chipped bone. Where do these ideas come from? No idea LOL. The other idea I had was to create a texture that looked like plastic or lucite. Hopefully I’m close on both counts. The first jewelry set is called, Fossilized. It comes in Silver/Gold/Copper and is pretty striking if I say so myself! The second set is called, Embrace of Flowers. Both sets come with necklace, earrings and bracelets. Each set could be worn together, or each piece just by itself. Anyways – both sets can be acquired at my shop! Here’s a teleport to the store. Oh and in case anyone asks, the skins in the ads are the lovely new Letluka skin, Lola and Curio, Elf. Also while I was at it, I put a couple of new sets in the Lucky Chair and if I must say so myself, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

Just humming along.

What? I’m building again. It feels pretty good and well timely….. I do have a few things coming up. One of them is a SURPRISE! The other is that I’m participating in a hunt. And well busy busy. I have this crazy idea…. So I thought I’d do a blog post. I love these jeans. My essential jeans from Nyte & Day. I paired it with an absolute find of a top from Lark – talk about right up my alley, romantic yet casual. That required pulling out the big guns and pairing it with my own romantic, yet casual Je t’aime jewelry set in copper. The skin I’m wearing is League, and can I just say, I’ve not worn it in a while and well I just don’t know why, talk about a sensual skin! I would love to see some new skin from League. I gave up trying to get in to The Deck for the gift skin from Tuli – maybe it will go out as a group gifty?? hint, hint, nudge, nudge??? I splurged on some new hair from, Yelena2. Yes I felt like clogs, what of it? These are from Duh! a great shop filled with delightful and affordable shoes. I accessorized a bit more with my own hip hugger belt. YAY, fun outfit – I took the pics at my new Linden home in somewhere, god I can’t remember the style, quad maybe? Anyway I set up a photo studio there! Romantic, yet casual.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Yelena2 (Thoughtful Brown) –

Skin – Medium Misty Fushia – League

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – je t’aime Set (Copper) Dark Mouse

Top – Karen Blouse – Rose Garden – Lark

Belt – Hip Hugger Belt (Black) Dark Mouse

Jeans – Essential Jeans (Dark Stone Wash) – Nyte’N’Day

Shoes – Slip on Clogs (Black) – Duh!

Poses are a variety from Juxtapose, LAP, and Get Bent