Not a life saving device, but happy egg hunting!

I think that I am continually amazed by the lovely creativity of designers in Second Life. I was doing the 50L Friday run through and arrived at Reek expecting something fun. I did not know how fun! I love, love, love the duck tube, and the ad copy, “Not a life saving device” pretty much clinched it for me, hehe. So just having fun at this point, I raced back to Surf Shack to pick up the bathing suit with the ruffles on the butt (must have) and the cute waist wrap. I accessorized with my own Julie hair (perfect for a day at the beach), and my own shell flower jewelry. Since my beach bag can be had for FREE at my Starlust location on Elliot for the Easter Egg hunt, and it fits with the theme, I thought I’d grab that too! I’m wearing my Elf curio skin in Pure (who has time for makeup when going to the beach???). Oh and I’m having just a wee bit o fun here with an emoter – FREE from Yadni’s Junk Yard! Next up, the pose fair OMG I can hardly wait but I have to RL work today, so that will have to wait till this evening! OMG the water is cooooooollllllddddd!!!!!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Julie (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Elf Petal Frex Light Pure 2 – Curio

Eyes – Spring Meadow – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Shell Necklace & Earrings – Dark Mouse

Bathing Suit – [Seaside One Piece (Brown) – Surf Couture

Waist Wrap – Clothbound Bow Belt (Salsa) – Surf Couture

Bag – Beach Bag (Yellow) – Dark Mouse

Duck – Yellow Duck Tube – Reek

Sandals – Jane Wedges (Rust) – Shiny Things

Poses – A variety from – Long Awkward Pose


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