Just frilly & romantic

Oh my! I’ve not blogged in quite a bit! Seriously – no time, no internet connection that would work well enough to even think about taking a pic, etc.. I am, of course working on stuff. Just not right now. Right now I’m running through fields of wheat at the Far Away lol! I love this sim and come here frequently to think. I’ve never taken pics here, which is odd. I found this blouse at G Field, and even if it’s been blogged, I’ve been wearing it myself for a week so I guess I love it. I paired it with my brown jeans from Cupcakes, the awesome sauce fringe boots from Duh!, and my own Wild Leaves jewelry set in copper. Also shown are my own Kelly hair and Round about glasses. Okay enough day dreaming, back to work. As always, outfit credits and slurls at the end.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Kelly (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Ania Fair 01 Glow – Laq

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Eyes

Lashes – Vogue Size One – Celestial Studios

Jewelry – Wild Leaves (Copper) – Dark Mouse

Blouse – Off Shoulder Chiffon (White) – G Field

Jeans – Basic Denim (Brown) – Cupcakes

Boots – Women’s Velvet Flats Color Change – ::Duh!::

Poses – A variety from – My AO! (erm, Cova,


4 thoughts on “Just frilly & romantic

  1. thank you! duh is the absolutely best store and the prices are too low! (sorry maybe I should not have said that out loud) ;-).

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