Remember me

I am in love with messy, lush feeling stuff these days. I don’t want clean or simple lines. I want stuff! So my outfit is kind of what I would wear in RL if I wasn’t always being dressed for business! My own new and messy hair style, Kelly, in Rum Raisen (beloved color of ms. kess), paired with another new release of mine, the Remember Me jewelry set. I’ve added the perfect pair of skinny jeans from Surf Shack, a store I personally adore, a gold tank top from Aprhodite Creations, the perfect deep V-neck t-shirt from This is a fawn, and cover the whole thing up with a great vintage jacket from So Many Styles. Confession time about the jacket. It comes with sculpty shoulder pads and a collar that I did not care for – plus I didn’t want the collar to obscure the necklace. Everything else about it is perfect. A lovely pair of velvet flats from the excellent ms. harvey of ::Duh!::. I’m wearing a Rockberry skin that I like a lot and chose because of the hint of gold in the eye makeup, and new eyes! What? Yes, yes I picked up these striking Azure Eyes at the Melt event! The eyelashes are from Sissy and a scary 152 prims! Talk about lush, LOL. Outfit details and slurls are below! Oh and I took these pictures at my new but sadly neglected and lonely Linden home in the Apex sim.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Kelly (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Jules H Light (Dark Eyebrows) – Rockberry

Eyes – Luster-Azure Eyes – [V]ermillion

Lashes – Lashes 01 (eye opening 40) – *SiSSi*

Jewelry – Remember Me Set – Dark Mouse

Tank top – Lace U (Golden Camel) – AC Aphrodite Creations

T-Shirt – Deep V-Neck (White) – This is a fawn

Jacket – Vintage Jacket (Blue/Brown) – So Many Styles

Jeans – Belmar Skinny Jeans (Original Dark) – Sand Shack Surf Co.

Flats – Women’s Velvet Flats Color Change – ::Duh!::

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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