The Romance Collection – New Jewelry at Dark Mouse!

I’m in a spring flowers kind of mood. The kind of spring flowers that mass everywhere and seem lush in their abandon. That’s how I was feeling about my new pieces which generally represent my train of thought for lately which is stuff just mushed up together like a woman holding an arm full of flowers. Romantic, lush. At least two of these sets are statement pieces, big, can’t be missed jewelry. The others are a bit on the restrained side, but still romantic in my opinion. I have the ‘Found Things’ set which is like something that you’d put together to hang around your neck after rummaging through the jewelry trays at a thrift shop. The “Remember Me” set is just flat out, dreamy & romantic, lush. It is my favorite. The “Vintage Victorian Locket” set is something I made, loved and decided would look good on a velvet ribbon. Finally the ‘It happened one night’ set, a lovely velvet flower set with a jeweled heart and hung on a diamond strand. The earrings to match this set are pretty hot and could be worn in a variety of ways – hoops go with everything after all. I hope that you like these new sets! You can purchase all these items at Dark Mouse, here’s a teleport to the store.


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