New Hair Releases at Dark Mouse!

So along with my new releases, I have a new blog header! I shamelessly copied Lizzie’s new blog header, let her know and have already paid a small copyright fee! (that was a joke!) YAY! Anyhow, I continue to torture myself relentlessly in the attempt to make hair! I have three new releases, and gee I really hope you were in my group, cause I sent out a wee gift for them and yes, it involved hair. Sorry peeps, but I have a rule – if you’re in my group, it means you love me and want my free stuff. If you join after the fact – it means that you REALLY love me, and that you’re willing to wait till NEXT months free gift! Continuing my tradition of naming my hair after Charlies Angels, I bring you Julie, Kelly & Kris. I will, of course, run out of names soon. I’m gonna needs another girls on parade show from the 70’s! I hope you like the new releases – you can find them at my main store – here’s a direct teleport to the store.


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