Just frilly & romantic

Oh my! I’ve not blogged in quite a bit! Seriously – no time, no internet connection that would work well enough to even think about taking a pic, etc.. I am, of course working on stuff. Just not right now. Right now I’m running through fields of wheat at the Far Away lol! I love this sim and come here frequently to think. I’ve never taken pics here, which is odd. I found this blouse at G Field, and even if it’s been blogged, I’ve been wearing it myself for a week so I guess I love it. I paired it with my brown jeans from Cupcakes, the awesome sauce fringe boots from Duh!, and my own Wild Leaves jewelry set in copper. Also shown are my own Kelly hair and Round about glasses. Okay enough day dreaming, back to work. As always, outfit credits and slurls at the end.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Kelly (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Ania Fair 01 Glow – Laq

Eyes – Summer Storm – Poetic Eyes

Lashes – Vogue Size One – Celestial Studios

Jewelry – Wild Leaves (Copper) – Dark Mouse

Blouse – Off Shoulder Chiffon (White) – G Field

Jeans – Basic Denim (Brown) – Cupcakes

Boots – Women’s Velvet Flats Color Change – ::Duh!::

Poses – A variety from – My AO! (erm, Cova,


Remember me

I am in love with messy, lush feeling stuff these days. I don’t want clean or simple lines. I want stuff! So my outfit is kind of what I would wear in RL if I wasn’t always being dressed for business! My own new and messy hair style, Kelly, in Rum Raisen (beloved color of ms. kess), paired with another new release of mine, the Remember Me jewelry set. I’ve added the perfect pair of skinny jeans from Surf Shack, a store I personally adore, a gold tank top from Aprhodite Creations, the perfect deep V-neck t-shirt from This is a fawn, and cover the whole thing up with a great vintage jacket from So Many Styles. Confession time about the jacket. It comes with sculpty shoulder pads and a collar that I did not care for – plus I didn’t want the collar to obscure the necklace. Everything else about it is perfect. A lovely pair of velvet flats from the excellent ms. harvey of ::Duh!::. I’m wearing a Rockberry skin that I like a lot and chose because of the hint of gold in the eye makeup, and new eyes! What? Yes, yes I picked up these striking Azure Eyes at the Melt event! The eyelashes are from Sissy and a scary 152 prims! Talk about lush, LOL. Outfit details and slurls are below! Oh and I took these pictures at my new but sadly neglected and lonely Linden home in the Apex sim.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Kelly (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Jules H Light (Dark Eyebrows) – Rockberry

Eyes – Luster-Azure Eyes – [V]ermillion

Lashes – Lashes 01 (eye opening 40) – *SiSSi*

Jewelry – Remember Me Set – Dark Mouse

Tank top – Lace U (Golden Camel) – AC Aphrodite Creations

T-Shirt – Deep V-Neck (White) – This is a fawn

Jacket – Vintage Jacket (Blue/Brown) – So Many Styles

Jeans – Belmar Skinny Jeans (Original Dark) – Sand Shack Surf Co.

Flats – Women’s Velvet Flats Color Change – ::Duh!::

Poses – A variety from – Lap

Found things.

So I’ve been a little slow on the bloggage of late. I’m just a wee burnt out on creating, so thought maybe I should take a break and actually SHOP! OMG! I saw this lovely coat in the last announcement from Sn@tch, and had to have it. It just screams vintage (to me anyways) and is a bargain – 5 colors and capri pants for $275? Seriously this is a great price. I’m trying to really get outta my skybox more, and explore around SL. I went to the embryo sim to take these pictures – it’s a lovely spring setting. I picked up the white top and trousers from Cupcakes. I really love these trousers and have them in black too. Something about the line. I’ve tucked them into my western boots from J’s. I wearing one of my new jewelry sets, called ‘Found Things’ and a metallic belt I released not too long ago. Also sporting one of my new hairs called Julie in Rum Raisen, which I guess is a color that suits me and my av perfectly. Oh and the skin is a group gift from Dutch Touch, and beloved by me.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Julie (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Group Skin Gift (Special No.2 Caramel) – Dutch Touch

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Found Things Set – Dark Mouse

Shirt – Wrap Top (White) – Cupcakes

Coat – Just Walk Away (Black) – Snatch

Pants – Trousers (Berry) – Cupcakes

Accessories – Catty Eye Glasses & Metallic Leather (Silver) – Dark Mouse

Boots – Western Boots (Black) – J’s

Poses – A variety from – Lap

The Romance Collection – New Jewelry at Dark Mouse!

I’m in a spring flowers kind of mood. The kind of spring flowers that mass everywhere and seem lush in their abandon. That’s how I was feeling about my new pieces which generally represent my train of thought for lately which is stuff just mushed up together like a woman holding an arm full of flowers. Romantic, lush. At least two of these sets are statement pieces, big, can’t be missed jewelry. The others are a bit on the restrained side, but still romantic in my opinion. I have the ‘Found Things’ set which is like something that you’d put together to hang around your neck after rummaging through the jewelry trays at a thrift shop. The “Remember Me” set is just flat out, dreamy & romantic, lush. It is my favorite. The “Vintage Victorian Locket” set is something I made, loved and decided would look good on a velvet ribbon. Finally the ‘It happened one night’ set, a lovely velvet flower set with a jeweled heart and hung on a diamond strand. The earrings to match this set are pretty hot and could be worn in a variety of ways – hoops go with everything after all. I hope that you like these new sets! You can purchase all these items at Dark Mouse, here’s a teleport to the store.

New Hair Releases at Dark Mouse!

So along with my new releases, I have a new blog header! I shamelessly copied Lizzie’s new blog header, let her know and have already paid a small copyright fee! (that was a joke!) YAY! Anyhow, I continue to torture myself relentlessly in the attempt to make hair! I have three new releases, and gee I really hope you were in my group, cause I sent out a wee gift for them and yes, it involved hair. Sorry peeps, but I have a rule – if you’re in my group, it means you love me and want my free stuff. If you join after the fact – it means that you REALLY love me, and that you’re willing to wait till NEXT months free gift! Continuing my tradition of naming my hair after Charlies Angels, I bring you Julie, Kelly & Kris. I will, of course, run out of names soon. I’m gonna needs another girls on parade show from the 70’s! I hope you like the new releases – you can find them at my main store – here’s a direct teleport to the store.