and that means, comfort…

I’m a major goof ball. I was beside myself the other day because I had to work during the Linden Home launch. I was uber jealous of everyone porting around from location to location grabbing good spots! Plurk can be torture sometimes! You see I had to transfer land from my group into tier or something…..gah. Have to log in to do that and I was in a meeting! When I finally managed to log in, I got a good first location – great neighbors! Then I dithered (I am the queen of dithering). I didn’t like the elf house and wanted the hobbit house – plus I was in the middle of the sim – could I potentially get a water front property? Would I really luck out and get on Hethr’s sim??? Egad it was torture. So began the odyssey of trying to find the perfect house location. Erm still looking round, grass is always greener and all that crap. I really want the hobbit house most though. Seriously I should be finishing up my various builds but I can’t be bothered. I’m too busy looking for the perfect house with only 117 prims LOL. I HAVE 3500 prims on my land, but NO that’s not good enough – I HAVE to have the 117 prim perfect home! Anywho, while recovering from my utter insanity, I decided to do a wee bit of 50L love. I love me some Kyoot and picked up this lovely top (or dress – up to you). I’ve paired with a great old scarf from Artilleri, my new cocoa stained jeans from Surf Shack Co. My lovely Ving boots from Shiny Things – we need new shoes from Shiny Things! I accessorized with my own j’taime earrings and hip hugger belt. Hair is my new hair called Kate in rum raisen and a lovely new skin from Belleza called, Alyson, which has me thinking…fat pack! Oh and also more 50L love – a telescope for my new hobbit hole from Reek! Awesome sauce, 4 prims (which leaves me with 113!!!!) and poses! OMG! I think I need to go meditate.

Outfit Credits

Hair – Kate (Rum Raisen) – Dark Mouse

Skin – Alyson Pale Group Gift – Belleza

Eyes – Fairy Hansel Bright – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Vogue Lashes 1 – Celestial Studios

Jewelry – j’taime earrings (Garnet/Copper) – Dark Mouse

Scarf – Silky Scarf (Brown) – Artilleri

Top – Low back mini ruffle dress (top only) – Kyoot

Jeans – Hot Cocoa Stained – Surf Couture

Belt – Leather Hip Hugger Belt (Brown) – Dark Mouse

Boots – Ving Boots (Ash brown) – Shiny Things

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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