New Hair, New Textures at Dark Mouse!

Hi there! So the agony is over, for now. I’ve finally finished three new hairstyles, using my new hair textures! Woot! I’m pretty pleased with how they came out, even if making hair at times is like dragging your fingers across a chalk board for me. Please come and take a look at my new styles, called, Jill, Kate and Sabrina. Jill is an great updo with a complicated hair piece at the back made of faux tortoiseshell, and a head band. Kate is a updo-ish ponytail with lots of wispys. Sabrina is a short cropped hair style that looks like rather studied messiness to me! I have removed all my old hair from the shop. I’ll be slowly either re-doing or re-texturing all of them over time. With the new tones I have new pricing – 5 tones in the same shade for $250L – fat packs will be $600L for 20 shades. If you can’t make up your mind and want a variety of shades, I’ll have one, ‘can’t make up my mind pack.” Please take a look! Here’a teleport to the store!


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