Can’t wait for spring!

Yes so yesterday on plurk, I rather plaintively asked if I could switch my store decor over to spring. The votes were about 50/50! Any who that got me to thinking – what could I possibly do to cheer myself up and rush the end of Winter. In other news, I decided to open up a satellite shop at the HodgePodge sim. Serindipity? YES! Because the HoPo sim is launching a month long series of events – including a celebration of Summer event. All the vendors will have an exclusive ‘beach’ themed item – including me! Yes, I was so inspired to bring on Spring/Summer that I created the Dark Mouse Beach Bag. A cute striped bag perfect for a day at the beach – stuffed with all the things you might need at the beach! I decided to feature it with a lovely dress from Artilleri and some smexy sandals from Periquita! Also accessorizing the outfit is my Roses are Blue cocktail ring – but I didn’t want to lose it at the beach, so I hung it on a chain around my neck. Since it’s group gifty time at Dark Mouse (February – YAY) this delicate necklace will be the Dark Mouse group gift! If you’re not in my group – better join today! I plan to send this out to my group tomorrow (to give you time to join and to tell your friends to join!). Remember – I don’t have history on my subscriber kiosk – you have to be in the group at the time that I distribute the gift! So visit my new wee store at HodgePodge Mall to get this lovely beach bag in 4 colors for $200L – exclusively. Here’s a teleport to the new satalite shop. You can join my group there to get the lovely ring necklace too!

Outfit Credits

Hair – Cameron (Thoughtful Brown) –

Skin – Elf Petal Frex Light Snug 1 – Curio

Eyes – Summer Cool Nights – Poetic Color Eyes

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – Roses are Blue Delicate Necklace (Group Gifty – February) – Dark Mouse

Glasses – Round About Glasses – Dark Mouse @ HoPo

Bag – Beach Bag – Dark Mouse

Dress – Kitty Dress (Light Blue) – Artilleri

Sandals – Beda Sandals (Black) – Periquita

Poses – A variety from – Lap


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