and that means, comfort…

I’m a major goof ball. I was beside myself the other day because I had to work during the Linden Home launch. I was uber jealous of everyone porting around from location to location grabbing good spots! Plurk can be torture sometimes! You see I had to transfer land from my group into tier orContinue reading “and that means, comfort…”

Seriously, most of the time I want to be Daphne, but I always end up as Velma

Yes so, released a bunch of hair, did the ultimate crazy in taking down all my old hair (omgomgomg) so now I HAVE to make more so what do I do? I’m going to Disneyland. Okay, not really. Instead I’m sitting on the back porch of my land, staring at the long abandoned Governor Linden’sContinue reading “Seriously, most of the time I want to be Daphne, but I always end up as Velma”

New Hair, New Textures at Dark Mouse!

Hi there! So the agony is over, for now. I’ve finally finished three new hairstyles, using my new hair textures! Woot! I’m pretty pleased with how they came out, even if making hair at times is like dragging your fingers across a chalk board for me. Please come and take a look at my newContinue reading “New Hair, New Textures at Dark Mouse!”

New Releases from Dark Mouse Jewelry at the Artist’s Voice Fair!

Well hello there my friends! I’m participating in the Artist’s Voice Fair and invite you to visit my little stall there…and all the other great designers participating. I’m releasing a couple of items exclusively at the fair – just in time for Valentines day. Please visit! Here’s a slurl to teleport directly to the show!

Life is what happens when you have other plans

Sometimes I think that I’m a generally clueless maybe even naive person, always caught off guard by the things occurring around me. And now, belatedly saddened by the things occurring around me. I’m troubled by the events of the past few days, alluded to, whispered about, bandied about really – by people who actually knowContinue reading “Life is what happens when you have other plans”

Can’t wait for spring!

Yes so yesterday on plurk, I rather plaintively asked if I could switch my store decor over to spring. The votes were about 50/50! Any who that got me to thinking – what could I possibly do to cheer myself up and rush the end of Winter. In other news, I decided to open upContinue reading “Can’t wait for spring!”